Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week - Day 3

Photograph by Bisma Syahputra
My first day in fashion week Hello! Jakarta Fashion Week has been started from 4 days ago, but finally I got a chance to visit that event. Jakarta fashion week 2014 started on October 19th until October 25th with a lot of designers from Indonesia. At that moment I was accompanied by one of my best friends (the one i've talked about her before:D) named Nabilla Nazihandari, my mum, my friend-the photographer at that day, and Fary Hendrayana. My friend who took these pictures is a beginner as a photographer. He wants to learn more about I gave him chances. I appreciate him because he wants to help me too, so this is very beneficial for both of us :) Fary Hendrayana is a great photographer from Jakarta, and I interest to work together with him. Yeah, next chapter kind a secret ;)

Jakarta Fashion Week has been followed by top Indonesian designers, such as Barli Asmara, Anne Avantie, Didiet Maulana, Lenny Agustin, Hartono Gan, Billy Tjong, Dian Pelangi, Misan, Edward Hutabarat, Tex Saverio and much much more. Fashion in Jakarta-Indonesia still shining with batik and other beautiful materials that you couldn't find the best of it anywhere in the whole world, except here. Also we have new designers such as Pevita Pearce, Luna Maya, etc. They are still young and fresh, bring their collections in to the market for all of the fashion lovers. For this fashion week, JFW took a theme "Bringing Indonesia to the World."

For the third day of fashion week I wore white shirt from Zara, Batik skirt from Ayana, Turquoise heels from Zara, Turquoise purses from Les Catino, jewellery from Jewel Rocks! I bought that purse at Plaza Senayan Shopping Center when there was a big sale at Metro Department with my bestfriend named Zifa. I loooooove my look because it was totally turquoise and white and...J'adore beaucoup le turquoise! :D and I have a secret behind that skirt. Actually it is just an ordinary skirt, then I have light blue organdy scarf. Because I feel not really sure with that ordinary skirt, I tried to mix it with the scarf. You just have to tuck the scarf in to the skirt, and voila! Se what u got? Try this!

Look of the day:
Zara top
Ayana Skirt
Zara heels-borrowing Nabilla's :D thank u
Les Catino bag
Jewel Rocks jewelleries
nail polish by O.P.I