Sunday, August 25, 2013

Letter from The Universe!

Welcome to the universe of Jewel Rocks! In this universe you are going to find a lots of... I mean a tons of stunning accessories. You will find a treasure, passion, art, etc in this tiny beautiful jewelries. In every threads, colors, beads are made from love and dreams, each of them tell their own stories. Jewel Rocks has traveled around Europe, Asia, until New Zealand. Begun with struggling journey to reach a beautiful destiny. The owner of Jewel Rocks has teached us to always dreams and labour persistently. There is nothing in this world will come true if we keep dreaming without make a supreme effort. You can open the page of Jewel Rocks by clicking here, sit back and enjoy the universe of Jewel Rocks! or you can check the gadget on the right side.

Kak Mel (*"kak" is one of the greeting words for the older one) is the owner of Jewel Rocks. She is one of the closest friends from my cousin. She has began this business since years ago, I don't know when exactly the time. She has passed a lot of hurdles, up and down, troubles, but it couldn't stop her to make her dreams come true. Her creations has traveled Europe like France, Spain, Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and UK. Asia: Jakarta&Bali, Japan and Singapore, and also in New Zealand. First time I met Kak Mel was in Bali when I went there to spent my holiday. She's very nice and friendly. I'm so glad to have a chance knowing her.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


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Southeast Asia Getting Hotter

Photograph by my mom

A few months ago I went to Singapore with my mom. I never realise how blazing and sting the weather in here. Singapore is located in the north of Indonesia, close with Sumatera Island. Sumatera include in the list of the most populous country, even the population doesn't much as Indonesian, but if we divide it with the area of the country, Singapore is the most crowded country in the world, but Singapore is very clean. You can not find any plastic garbage along the streets. You also treated by the hedonic view along the Orchard Road.

I went to Singapore with my mom about 5 days. We were traveling a lot and going anywhere we want. We didn't just go to the mall, but I explore another area like "Little India" or "China Town." Singapore really really made it like a real India or China. It feels like we are in the whole world in the same place and in the same time. I'm so stunned and amazed by Singapore's city regulator. They can utilize their land to the maximum. I also went to Universal Studio Singapore, I am not so interest about something that's endanger my life. I would like to choose, seeing from below than have to ride the vehicle.

Shine Bright Skirt!

photograph by Abi Anindito

The sparkling tight skirt, yes I love it. I bought that when I went to Singapore with my mom. It was the last piece and I won't think twice because I'm in love this that Skirt. Actually I'm looking for top with those sparkling things but I haven't find it yet or if I found it, I don't like the ideas of that top. That's why I want to be a fashion designer. My dreams to becoming a fashion designer has shown up when I was 5th grade in elementary school. I'd like to drawing, sketching, and many more. My mom has seen it before, and she asked me, "Are you want to be a fashion designer." I don't have to think about it too long because my heart is like, "yes baby, it's your destination. Go and get it! Reach it and I believe you can do it." love greetings from the bottom of my heart.

I was born with art in my flowing blood. I am really really be greatful and thankful with those gift. My dad is an architecture, when I was a little kid, I'd like to go to my daddy's office to steal some interior book. It's fun you know, watching teletubbies and seeing those stunning interior comes from the book at once and imagining that would be your future home or maybe your dream home and imagining (again) to be an interior designer. My cousins are a wedding planner, graphic designer, accessories designer, high fashion store manager, so it's concluding that no one can push me away from that subject, yes art. I hope you enjoy your each talent and grows it up so it can be beneficial to you and your life. Money can comes from anywhere, right? If you want to working hard, passionate, strong, and patient with all of the obstructions that would impedes to chasing your dreams. Good luck! :-)

Quote of the Day

See My Turquoise?

photograph by Abi Anindito

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world especially
 today, when humancontacts are so quick
Fashion is instant language." 
-Miuccia Prada

well, I love turquoise.

Partner in Crime

photograph by Adhie Subekti
THERE WAS AN EVENT in my school, it required Japanese Club and French Club to open cafe together. Because I'm part of French Club, I would like to help my friends from japanese club to take photoshoot for that cafe. My partner in that photos named Rasyad K, he's my friend since I was in elementary school. He's kinda funny and stormy. I really swear this photos are fake, he seems "cool" and "calm" but I'm pretty sure you are going to shock that he really doesn't like that.

We took this photos in music classroom about a few months ago. Because it was like the end of 11th grade, our school was like deserted so we used it for photoshoot. The photographer named Adhie Subekti is also my friend since elementary school and I still remember how they were look like. There's no significant changing, the difference is just... they all have passion and dreams now. They have their own goal for their life, and I wish they can pursue their dreams until it comes true. Love :-)

Greetings From Jakarta

photograph by Abi Anindito
It's quite difficult to find a place with fresh air in a big city, especially Jakarta. Yes, where do I live, but I found green grass with cobblestone streets in some area. I love Jakarta, no matter what, even it's crowded or congestion everywhere. But I believe our new governor could bring us into a new Jakarta, a better one of course. Jakarta is a capital region of Indonesia. Everybody from island to island, east to west, speculate their carriers in here. Peoples from different culture, different race, language are being together in this province, makes this town is so populous. City with hundreds mall, hundreds entertain, etc.

However, sometimes modern lifestyle brings us to global warming. Hundreds constructions are built, lack of reforestations, etc. We have to put our attention to environment more if we want to apply healthy life. We have to remember that we still have next generations. I would like to spend my time there just to find another inspirations with some "violet" things. My photographer said that I look like mother minister, am I?

Back From the Past

photograph by Abi Anindito
Hi! It was such a long time not using blogger. I was struggling with "how to use blog" and actually I still learning because I think this is quite difficult for me. But now, I'm learning and it feels easier than I thought. Before I came back with this blog I learn about web design. One night I googling about "webdesign" and found a great application named wix. you can open my web by clicking here.

But at one night, that web was error and I was panic, then I try to calming myself down then I open "" and try to be patient and learn how to design the template, the gadget and everything else. Now I understood and ready to fight back with the better one. Yay! Enjoy, comment, and don't forget to follow me, thank you. :D