Monday, October 28, 2013

J.Campbell: In Gold We Trust

The newest collections from Jeffrey Campbell This is the newest collections from Jeffrey Campbell and took a theme "In Gold We Trust". In this collections, they took a little bit rock design with chain and gold.  I really want that heels (first picture) so....bad :" aaa look at that, how purrff-ect is that! Black shining stilettos with the gold chain make that heels looks super great! Jeffrey Campbell is one of the best shoes designer in the world (my version of course hehehehe...). He always has an extraordinary design and we can figure it out. It always out of the box and the best price too! But once again you have to count your savings to save your life! Haha :)

I loove the concept of "In Gold We Trust" photoshoot. They took bridge view as the background, mural art, street and river. That is so unique and appropriate with the theme of the shoes, and don't forget about the make up. They draw the eyeline around the eye, make their eyes is so catchy and fierce! Not too smoky I think...what do you think? And I also love the outfit! The jacket, the skirt, the top, the dress! ;D

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