Sunday, August 25, 2013

Letter from The Universe!

Welcome to the universe of Jewel Rocks! In this universe you are going to find a lots of... I mean a tons of stunning accessories. You will find a treasure, passion, art, etc in this tiny beautiful jewelries. In every threads, colors, beads are made from love and dreams, each of them tell their own stories. Jewel Rocks has traveled around Europe, Asia, until New Zealand. Begun with struggling journey to reach a beautiful destiny. The owner of Jewel Rocks has teached us to always dreams and labour persistently. There is nothing in this world will come true if we keep dreaming without make a supreme effort. You can open the page of Jewel Rocks by clicking here, sit back and enjoy the universe of Jewel Rocks! or you can check the gadget on the right side.

Kak Mel (*"kak" is one of the greeting words for the older one) is the owner of Jewel Rocks. She is one of the closest friends from my cousin. She has began this business since years ago, I don't know when exactly the time. She has passed a lot of hurdles, up and down, troubles, but it couldn't stop her to make her dreams come true. Her creations has traveled Europe like France, Spain, Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and UK. Asia: Jakarta&Bali, Japan and Singapore, and also in New Zealand. First time I met Kak Mel was in Bali when I went there to spent my holiday. She's very nice and friendly. I'm so glad to have a chance knowing her.