Sunday, September 29, 2013

White and Light

photograph by Raihan Skalski
6 o'clock in the morning I have to get up early to get a great light for these pictures. Without you knowing, I feel very very sleepy (oh my God, bring my mattress so I can lay on it!) but after I see the result, this is worthy! Great! I remember when I bought the outer, it was an event in...2012 maybe.. one of the shopping center in Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia. In that event, many fashion bloggers attend it and sold their own label, such as Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint (product: UP), Sonia Eryka from DIARY OF: THE RIOTOUS BELLE (product: RIOTOUS BY SEM / RIOTS BARBIE), Anastasia Siantar from Brown Plarform, etc. It's all local design and I'm proud of it :D The first time I bought that outer, I was confuse enough, how I wear it. Am I should mix it with jeans..? I mean just jeans.. or I can mix it with skirt? Initially, mix it just with jeans, but as time goes, I learn to make that shirt to be useful, so I wear that shirt to be outer, and voila! Isn't great?

With all of my sleepiness, I failed to keep my eyes open. I spent my whole afternoon to sleep. To be honest, I can not (CAN NOT AT ALL!) fight with drowsiness. If I spent the night to creating something-that absolutely wasting a whole night, I will struggling to keep my eyes open in the class in the morning. It's pretty dangerous if I miss subjects just for sleep. So... is there any solution? :) In Indonesia, school begins at 6.30 in the morning (for public school) but my high school is a private school so it begins at 7 o'clock in the morning. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

L'Arabian Rouge

photograph by Raihan Skalski
Arabian Night A few weeks ago, one of my best-friends was celebrate her 18th birthday party and she took "Arabian Night" for the theme, especially the dress code. Her name is Nabilla Nazihandari and she is so kind and friendly, I bet you're going to love her at the first time you greet her. Because the theme is so hard, I spent 4 hours more to looked around the mall to find a perfect outfit to go to her party. Initially, I want to take batik but I couldn't find the perfect batik that match with the theme. But, when I went to Zara, finally I found it! It's perfect and match with the theme, so I bought it. :D But you know sometimes people have to think twice I buy something. This is happen to me, like always. The income is not enough to buy this buy that. This is very consumptive but come on! You know it so well how it feels :"D This is not really good for my savings so after this I am not going to 2 weeks.

Before that, I want to tell you all, it's been a busy week, because Monday I will have a Mid Semester Examinations. So that is the reason why I'm not posting for...daySdaySdayS (very long time) ago. It will takes a-full-week and takes a lots of time to learn some subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. There are a lots of differences education system in Indonesia with the other countries, and a lots of us (students in here) complain about it -_- haha so wish me luck for the mid semester examinations! :) 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Milano FW 2013 Printemps/Été

From New York to Milan Milan Fashion Week is held from Wednesday, September 19th - Monday, September 29th, New York held the biggest fashion week in the USA, followed with Milan to get ready for the biggest event in Italy, yes, that is Milan Fashion Week 2013. Milan Fashion Week attended by fashion lovers from around the world. All the people vying to look as unique as possible and show their personality. My favorite blogger all-the-time Kristina Bazan from KAYTURE also attend that amazing event too, and she worked together with one of those famous designer, Gucci. Milan is the third city after New York in the beginning of this month and London is in the midterm.

Milan Fashion Week attended by hundreds of Italian best designers, such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, etc.. There was also seen Blake Lively and Anna Dello Russo attend that event and they look very captivating. Through this event, Giorgio Armani said that Milan is the best city for fashion! Because of that MFW is really help Italian Fashion Designer to lift their existence in fashion business in the world. This year, Armani brings light-mild-slight designs through their collections "The Water Lily". Miuccia Prada brings glamorous in their collections, inspired from muralist like Miles "El Marc" Gregor, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, Stinkfish, etc. Proven by their collection brings face painting from Mural into their coat.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Black Chain

photograph by Raihan Skalski
DIY top by me I have a story behind that shirt, and I'm going to tell you yeay:D The shirt was bought when I was in the middle school and it used for my orchestra performance. Initially, the shirt had sleeves, but I cutted it off a few years later because it wasn't comfort enough. Everytime I try to lift my hand it was hold me. I think there is something wrong with the stitching :( After that my mom bought me a sewing scissors and I try to make that shirt to be useful, and after I cutted it off, I'd like to wear it comfortably. You can do it at your home, but I have a recommendation not to do it in my home or use other people's clothes :D

I have been searching for necklace like that since a few months ago. Once, I found it at H&M but, however, very unfortunate, I didn't buy the necklace because of something (isn't it mysterious enough? Hahaha.) And then, once I was going shopping, and found the necklace similar with H&M, it's so much different but, model, you know? -_- It's local designer by the way :D

Monday, September 16, 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013

Spring summer for NYFW 2013 I'm so sorry guys I'm so late with keeping my promise about New York Fashion Week 2013 small report. A few days ago I got sick because of my flank problem. I have a ulcer and I'd like to consume orange juice lately, so it hurts my flank. Beside that, I've been so busy about my school schedule, but it's okay right now, and I am ready to share a little news about New York Fashion Week 2013. 

This event lasted for 5 days in New York City, exactly in the spring. Followed by hundreds of fashion designers, this show is getting hotter and jarring, making all the fashion lovers from around the world vying for the invitation. In this super-huge-events, attended from supermodel (like Coco Rocha, Karolina Kurkova), VOGUE's editor-in-chief (Anna Wintour), Fashion Bloggers, and much much much more. From Indonesia we have Sonia Eryka from DIARY OF: THE RIOTOUS BELLE, Anastasia Siantar from Brown Platform, Cindy Karmoko from Hippie Gone Mad, and one else, but I don't know her name or her blog hehe :D And I got my, the most favorite blogger all-the-time Kristina Bazan! She's from KAYTURE, and also Aimee from Song of Style. Actually there are hundreds of fabulous people else, but this is very impossible for me to mention it one by one. Now, you can take a look of these pictures I got!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sounds of Casual

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
This is the journal of my life I love to do blogging, it feels like writing a diary everyday. You can tell anything in here, even the most absurd things in your life:) yes, this is what I am doing right now, exactly right now. Today, I had a history and citizenship examinations and it's quite complicated, but I can finish it well, yay! Doing blogging like this, every night is a relaxing thing before starting to learn some subjects. I have some homeworks to do, like physics! Next year I will be graduated, so I have to work hard lately to reach a satisfying score at the end.

Tomorrow, I would like to post/share about New York Fashion Week (maybe I didn't go in there, but believe me, I do not want to miss the most stunning news-in-this-year.) I'm going to search it by googling and I would shared it to you tomorrow :D Can you ever imagine, cool people like Coco Rocha, Anna Wintour, Karolina Kurkova, Kristina Bazan, Aimee, Sonia Eryka are in the same place!! Admire them soooo much :D

Monday, September 9, 2013

La Pureté Bleu

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
As blue as sky I love my blue dress. It's bodycon but it doesn't hold me tightly, so it's very comfort. My mom bought it for me a year ago, I forgot where it is (of course I think I often forget some things, and I don't why -_-.) The dress is not expensive and very worthy. I can use that dress to go to the mall or a little party, and about the material, it's appropriate with the tropics, like Indonesia.

When my brother was taking the photos, I saw his watch and I asked him to borrow it for a while, then he gave his watch to me. Thank you bro, for lending me borrow yours ;) yay! After that we went to sushi restaurant. We have to queued the line. I don't want to go to another restaurant because it's my favorite one. Everytime I go to the mall, sushi-tei restaurant would be my first choice to get a food. Sushisushi :D

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bloglovin 2

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What a Blazing Day!

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono

Blazing and blessed, it's quite funny right, last night I cried because of..personal things and my PMS(oh common! I don't like it but... You know exactly what it feels, girls? :D) then my bro took me by surprise. He was knocking my door and I...yeah you know what. I opened the door and went to my room and told my mom, her son just came. It's a good news right? I have a photographer on this weekend yay! What a blessings! Thank you God, You save my day :) So in the next day, I took a photos with my bro and mom.

The next day is today! It's 1 am and Jakarta really getting hotter such a blazing day. Watching all about NYFW things make me really really jealous and want to scratch the land until it burns in my hand. Aaaargh, someday I hope and wishhh I could be there. Be happy you guys (I mean, all the cool people who attend that super-amazing event in this year).

Monday, September 2, 2013

Common People Chapter 3

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
The Interior yeay at least I found a perfect time to complete my promises yesterday. It's very hard you know, found leisure time to post routinely. It feels like I want to finish my high school as soon as possible (huh). I want to be free so the school time can not holding me tight with those schedule. I promised as soon as I finish my high school I am going to post my look more often.

So, about the interior, well, I like the interior. wait... I mean I love it! It's very high class and comfortable, so chic and simple. Everything goes right like they were meant to be together. I spend almost three hours in there (can you imagine how boring the waiters/waitresses seeing me hours and hours) so after I got the shoots and finish our lunch, we left that stunning place. So here we go the photos of the interior!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Common People Chapter 2

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
As I promised yesterday I am going to post my other photos. I wore my mom's blazer, I like the color and the pattern. Thank you to my mom for letting me borrow hers. But the size is too big to me so I didn't really wore it, and about the skirt, I bought it when I was in middle school. My middle school is located in Tebet, South Jakarta. The location of my middle school is very strategic because it's near with fashion stores, mini cinema, salon and spa, etc.

Actually I don't know what to say anymore-_- yeah because there is nothing too crucial to talked. Tomorrow I'm going to have a biology exam, oh my God I haven't study it yet. So let me finish this post then I'm going to study. About the Common People's interior it's going be posted tomorrow, okay? Wish me luck for tomorrow, yeay!

Common People Chapter 1

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono

Ethnic theme for 2013 is the brand new beginning for today shoot. My brother, the one who took photos today is home! He studies in Bandung, (Bandung in one of the biggest city in Indonesia) arrived home yesterday. It's such a great opportunity to met him. Now, he is a freelance runner in my cousin's wedding organize as a photographer. He is very good in photograph and I asked him to shoot me because I need a photographer. It's difficult you know, find a photographer who clicks on you, but now he is on the process to learning about human interest photography and I hope he grows fast.

Today photoshoot take a location in Common People, Kemang with my mom also. Common People Eatery & Bar sells west and east food. The interior is so stunning, I could spend hours in there and the service is so nice. It location in Plaza Bisnis Building, Kemang Raya Street num.2. Because my big bro will leaves  Jakarta soon, I took two looks at once today. The photos of the interior will be post tomorrow and also my another looks.