Friday, January 31, 2014

Viktor & Rolf Spring Summer 2014

FIRST TIME I WATCH This video I thought the ballerina and the whole thing is just the opening of the fashion show, while the truth is... all the couture that the ballerina wear is the brand new collection of Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014! Isn't just amazing? It means that the model must have an ability for dancing ballet, or maybe the designers took the ballerina as model? Whatever, it;s out of the box and pretty insane, also the outfit was really really great. But it's pretty horror when I see the face, it covered by the messy hair, but I think it's a part of art. Sometimes, beautiful is never enough for someone artistic like both designers! But this is very unique and I appreciated so well.

"The world of classical dance inspired couturiers this season, resulting in graceful, delicate ensembles or leotard-like outfits that seemed to come from a ballerina's wardrobe. The graceful and delicate trend was at the heart of Julien Fournié's collection, entitled "Premier Frisson" ("First Thrill"), which included exquisitely tailored garments in soft shades (silver, lilac, grey). Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf also drew inspiration from the dance studio, but with different results. The collection consisted mainly of short, opaque dresses resembling leotards, with minimalistic tailoring and trompe-l'oeil prints suggesting tattoos or ribbons." -yahoo news.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good as Gold

pictures by Adhie S.

MAKE THE PRIORITY These pictures been taken around two weeks ago, but I just edited these pictures yesterday and having a chance and time to upload this today. This month is really busy with school's tasks, the preparation for national examinations, meeting for prom night, and the other things. Day after day passed very quickly, I almost realized that I just have only 3 months before national examinations, college entrance exams, prom night, and in the mid-year we have to start the college. Some of my friends still in Jakarta, and the other else will going to other town, near far. When I was in 5th grade elementary school, I thought it would be a long journey until I'm standing here, ready to face the world and how hard that is, thinking about what we're going to do if something happen. Now, I can feel the differences between I was in junior high and almost graduated from senior high. My plan is going to Semarang, learn law there, and do the internship with one of my favorite designer. I hope my plans run smoothly.

In high school I'm not the best student there, teachers and my parents always remind me to make a priority in my life, but sometimes I didn't do any priority, I just do whatever I want to do. Actually that's not good, for those who already great in making a priority, make people around you makes you as a good example. But the nice part is my parents always support me and I really do love my teachers, they're really act like our second parents in school, we can tell about our problems to them and they will be listen you carefully and give you the best solutions. While we're young, do a lots of things, never doubt to spread it to world, never afraid what people will judge you. Anyway, people always have their own critics WHATEVER we do, we speak, we look, we express ourselves. People love, people dislike, it's common :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fashion Sketch: Undefined Creations

This drawing (just the drawing) is originally made by Vashti Sade Djoehartono.
Creative ideas 100% comes from someone post his/her art on Google.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Red Door

pictures by Adhie S.

KNOCK KNOCK This week had been a really super busy week, preparing for Business Day (Eldest) in my high school really took a lot of time. Actually this program just started one year ago as the first generation. In this program (and this is required for all students) we learn how to make a business plan, thinking about what we're going to sell to consumer, what the consumer wants, how to make a design product, learn to make a good poster with some graphic design rules, make a advertisement that would attract people to see. And my group decided to sell chicken wings, why we choose chicken wings? Because we think that, chicken is a public consumption goods and everyone can take it easily. After decide what we're going to sell, we started to make a business plan, logo, motto, and collect money for initial capital. After through a long way, and try a secret recipe, we started to design the food box, I try to find an inspiration from It's an online portfolios from around the world, from the best graphic design and you can find a lot of high quality art there. After that we considering about the price and many other things. And voila! The Entrepreneur Day started to begin.

Beyond expectations the product that we sell was really be in demand, and after two hours our food was sold out! That was crazy until we wait 12 p.m. to bought some raw material in the nearest supermarket and restock again and we began the trading activities at 1 p.m. until 4.00 p.m. we were sold out again and close the stand. Yay! A lot of school think that this activities is quite complicated and takes a lot of time, whereas now we have to concentration and focus for national exam. But the founder of my high school is one of prominent educators and he said this is very important for our future, examinations never determine when we're growing up you're going to be successful or not. However, learn how to build a business is more important than the value that is printed on a white sheet of paper. THAT would decide what you're going to be, and we learnt so much about tolerance, patience, how to make a deal with people, push the output, and many more. From A to Z, we learnt from this. Thank you for the experience :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Birthday Dinner

pictures by Adhie Subekti

2ND OF JANUARY always be one of my favorite day of my entire life. In my 17th birthday I feel like, this is "how we live this life." Everything doesn't seems really beautiful and perfect like having a 5th birthday party. Everyone gives their attention to us. Not like that anymore, everything will be really pure right now, you can see your real friend who will be there for you every time you need them, never get upset for every squawk that we speak to them. That's the real friends because the real friend never mind every time we're getting out of control because we knew they will always love us whatever the problems, whenever, and however. Unfortunately, some of my friends can't attending my dinner because they're in holiday. By the way, the best part of my 17th birthday is, I go to school at that day because there is an extra class! Hahah a little tacky, but believe me I always through my birthday when holiday and I am having so much fun with my best-friends!

Getting older means you have more responsibilities to do. I have a responsibilities for my future, and keep my parents proud of me. My birthday was 2 days ago, and I just got this pictures from Adhie, yesterday noon, and I have to upload this picturesss to facebook and there was a lot of technical and internet problems make my heart getting warmer (I mean....explode..hahah) haaaa but after through a long time, I did it! Yay. By the way, I am really feeling sorry for my brother absence, he is really busy with his essay for his graduation this year. I pray the best for you bro :) Having dinner with everyone that you want to be there, surrounding you is really nice. It's simple, happy, and the most important thing is, you have to try your best everyone is really enjoying, you can't make them 100% happy but, at least enjoying without any blocking or something not good like that...yaaaa ahahehiae.