Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013

THE LAST DAY OF 2013 This year has been a really really great year for me. I got a lot of opportunities and chances to expand and explore more about my dreams. I began this blog in 2012 but it doesn't work well until I decided to pause this blog for a while. As time flows, I start to think about, what I want for my life, what can I do to make my life better, what can I do for my future, am I just sit here quietly, sit in front of the whiteboard, write down what my teachers said, wearing uniform, go home, do some homework, graduate, then... many other my boring routine. I want to make some changing in my life, like something I didn't before. Do what my parents said, hftt it's so frustrating. Until one day, in February 2013 I tried to get a invitations for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, watched a real fashion show. Walking in the corridor special for invitation is so greaaat! I still remember how it feels when I took a first step at fashion tent. The stage was so huge, the beat for the music echoed in the chest. Then I am really sure that, I want to be a fashion designer. One day, my parents and my best-friends will sit in the first row watching my collections to be shown. Amen. :)

After Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, I met my favorite Indonesian designer, Anne Avantie, and I got a chance to speak some word to her, talking about my future plans, and she gave me some advises, took some pics, gave me her book with her signature and she wrote down a motivating word in there, "Learn could be anywhere, not only at school, so keep going!" And she gives me a chance to learn from her one day if I already graduate from high school. Such a big pleasure. After that big moment, I took a trial class at Istituto di Moda Burgo, it's a Italian Fashion School, I learn more about the steps making a fashion sketch. Met a lot of inspiring people, by the way BIG thanks to my friend, Fiona Saldy because she told me about that school when she went to Italy :) after a lot of experience I had, I decided to start my blog again but this time, seriously, and consistent. Try to make this blog better, with a good contents, great quality of pictures and photography, try to show my personality through what I wear, and many more. 2013 is the year when I began this thing seriously, 2013 give me a lot of chance, then I hope 2014 would be better and shine bright than ever. Sayonara 2013!! LOVE:D

Thank you Allah because this year has been so great, thank you because I feel so blessed, thank you for everything I have right now, no matter is it good or bad or imperfect, but I'm sure that's the best for me. Thank you Mom for always be there for me, thank you Pap for always care about me, thank you best-friends for always be truth with me and accepting for who I am. I wish you all the best in the future, I want you all to be successful. See you in 2014 with a better life and spirit!

Monday, December 30, 2013

La Indiana Ethnic

pictures by Bisma Syahputra

CHESS FLOOR AND THE ALA ALA SKIRT Hahaha I don't know why I called this maxi pants-skirt as a "Ala ala" because I always love this pants. What I love about this thing? The color is so perfect for me and there is no difficulties to pairing this pants with any top I have. And the materials is so comfortable with silk and hmm... I don't know the other materials hehehe but this pants is so comfortable, I am 100% honest! I am pairing this pants with black tank top and the ethnic necklace. The special thing about this necklace is very unique. With red, green, and gold beads and stunning design makes this thing more perfect! I bought this at one craft event in Senayan, then I found this unique and only thing ethniq necklace.

Let's countdown 2 days before the New Year Eve! 2013 has been a great year for me. I got a lot of opportunities, like watched the biggest fashion event in this year, Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, and visited Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, the I met Anne Avantie, one of my favorite fashion designer, watched a lot of trunk show, and many more. I hope 2014 would be so much better than 2013! I would try my best to pursue my dreams! And you guys have to think about the resolutions for 2014. What would you do, what is your goal, and you have to positively make it true as strong as you can and never give up. Yeay New Year New Spirit!! xoxo.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

After School Hours

pictures by Bisma Syahputra

4 DAYS BEFORE NEW YEAR I took a short term class in the holiday, this is my first time I go to school when holiday routinely. I do this because I think this is crucial ahead of the National Examinations. We learn Indonesian, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. After a half day in school, I go to one of the shopping center in Jakarta and take some pics. My friend Bisma help me doing this thing as a photographer, he is really kind and the funny part is when I did my makeup he always asked me, "what is that?" "how you do that?" he seems really interested with this while other people didn't say anything or comment.. I think wearing make up doesn't mean you're fake or you're trying to hiding your imperfections. Nobody's perfect, we just make it better as long as we know when we should wear make up in the right place and the right time. Anyway when you have already grown up, your metabolism not as good as young people then you need make up to make your face more fresh and seems more health! Why you give people 70% while you can make it 100%?

Can't wait for the new year eve! New Year is always been a great day great time for me! This city will be countdown together to the brand new year, the sound of the trumpet sounded everywhere in this town, everybody seems really happy, sparkling light everywhere decorate public places. The city government will held a party, we called it, "pesta rakyat". New Year is always fun because in the next day is my birthday! Who doesn't like birthday? We got a lot of greetings from our best-friends until our old friend that never been talked to us for a long time! It's great to keep your relationship in touch, and we also got a cake, and our family is get together warmly in the living room in front of TV, or maybe having a dinner together completely... Such a good little thing... And for the bonus is..presents! A great present is something (that is didn't have to expensive at all!) meaningful to us. Maybe something that we really really want for that time but there's is no time to buy it. Yeah like that... Happy holiday! :D

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Goodies Wish List

pictures by me

TODAY IS CHRISTMAS EVE This is very exiting because the sale getting bigger! Yeay! Actually I'm not celebrating the Christmas eve because I am Muslim, but everyone seems really happy and the atmosphere getting hotter makes me want to write something about this. Then, I start to open my favorite web store such as H&M, net-a-porter, PeaceLoveShea, and many more and there are some looks came out of my mind. Then I remembered that I really really want to go to Santorini, Thira, Greece. Oh My God please, take me there, it is such a gorgeous place, it's like a heaven. Once I had an experience went to Saint Michael, it's like one area in one separate island. The wind in there is really strong, until I felt a little headache. But, I tell ya, there was so amazing in there. The width of the Street is only around 2 meters, and one store to another store is really close. I can give you the pictures of Saint Michael later, below.

Oh ya, I have never been to Greece, so I don't really understand how the situations are going there. But I think it's like Saint Michael, like a lot of separate islands. If one of you know about it, you can tell me about Santorini to me! I have to saving and earn money from now! Aahh, it's like my dream when the first time I went to Paris, I remember, I cry in front of Eiffel Tower hahaha. It's kinda diverge when I told you about Santorini, ya the first look that I made is inspired from that place. Imagining going to there...what would I wear there? It must be perfect with white maxi dress and sandals and ethnic necklace, so I decided to pick some stuff in some my favorite web store. Then I realized that...this is December! Indonesia wont be snowing, but I can still do some winter look, right? After find two perfect looks, I make a suitable cover for this post, thenn I opened my photoshop and got a lot of trouble..like the application doesn't work well. Argh you know it so well how it feels when the gadget try to make some war with you! But..after takes a lot of time, that is the result! Tadaaa!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Postcard from Jakarta

pictures by Andreansyah D. W. P. G.

PLAYING WITH TABLETOPIA I know it's a little bit childish when I try to play with tabletopia. Tabletopia is like a palette for drawing devoted for PC or laptop, so you can draw easily like you're drawing in the piece of paper with pencil, but not as easy as the reality..or maybe I'm not quite used to that thing hehehe :) I recomended for you guys who loves drawing to buy this and try this at your home, not my home.. Actually I have a question if one of you can help me.. I don't know how to make the portrait picture have a same width with the length of the landscape picture :( It feels very messy and I don't really like it but I don't know how to fix it. By the way I haven't do a photoshoot yet, so I don't have some new pictures for two days later, but I'm going to post like my christmas wish list or the newest news from designer. By the way the final episode of America's Next Top Model was in Bali, and I'm so proud for Tex Saverio and Luwi Saluadji. Tex Saverio is really famous with his brilliant design, and his creation had been wore by Lady Gaga for the magazine photoshot! Isn't great? And also I found many times of his "haute-couture" on the top magazine like Elle and Vogue! Once I met him in Ak'sa'ra (one of the bookstore in Jakarta), he is not really to tall, his hair is sooo black, he wore like a black jacket with black pants, and the point is-all-black! He was not show at all, like "here I am le Tex Saverio the greatest designer!"(ignore me if I'd like to say 'le' because I think it's really funny when you say it hahaha) whereas his designs are INSANELY AWESOME! He is too down to earth, j'adore!

What the most thing I love from that photo? I love it so much because it shows two difference sides of Jakarta. You can see a lot of buildings, and your eyes has been spoiled by the luxury of the shopping center. Left Chanel right balenciaga, aahh it's like a heaven on earth until the bill is coming! haha truth! But if you take a look deeper, you will find the place like under the bridge, people live and grow there with minimal electrical, but what I confuse is... where those people get the electricity if the goverment didn't gave it for those people? If the government gave that...is that legal? It's just an opinion and you guys can have other different opinions with me it's okaay :) Keep thinking!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Roar is Coming to Town!

pictures by Fary Hendrayana

BEST-FRIEND'S SWEATER I know Jakarta will not snowing, or even getting colder than ever, or going to be like any four-seasons country. But i's okay right to try something with sweater? I guess you all already recognize this sweater before... Yes! This is my best-friend's sweater, Nabilla. She wore this sweater when we went to Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. If you forgot, you can check and click "What We Were Doing at..." post. She bought this sweater in bershka..I think, I almost forgot. She bought it when she felt not really confident enough with her outfit that day, when I told her, "You're already chic enough, calm down you're pretty!" aaa but she still did that. Shopping. :) After looking around for a long time, at last we found the perfect two sweater, both are crop top, but this is better and you have to know!! Le faux feather of this sweater is reallyyyy soooffttt, I can not stop touching that thing that really really good thing off my hand, and we both agreed to bought that one. Then, I felt in love. With. That. Okay I love you, sweater :)

As you guys know that holiday is already in front of your eyes!! Having three weeks-off is really amazing, you can jump here and jump there, anytime without worrying about le stressful tasks! Hahaha I'm just kidding, no I didn't suggest you to do cartwheel or something like that ahaha you can utilize your time maximally, you can do what you like, or even your passion maybe? Like me, I don't have a lot of time when the school's begin, I mean for my non-academic passion, because it takes a lot of time.. Naaa you can do whatever you want as long as it positive and useful for your life! For the other reason why I love this holiday so much is SALE EVERYWHERE EVERYONE!! Woohoo, this is heaven for us (for those who loves shopping exactly!) but don't forget to check your savings okaay? It is very true very very true about the quotes "The Word 'Sale' is to women, what 'Porn' is to Men." Do you agree with me? :D

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Unopened Road

pictures by Fary Hendrayana

SEE THE SURPRISE THAT WE HAVE MADE? Taking pictures in the middle of the road is insane! But that isn't insane if we did it in the unopened road like here! The government of Jakarta is doing their flyover project from years years yearsss ago, this flyover is almost finish but, it doesn't open yet, so we utilize it to be a place for photoshoot. This place is quiet and windy. I will tell you a secret, because I still study in high school, it's quite difficult for me to take a lot of looks constantly, but...since christmas-new year holiday is begin, I will try to looking for activities during holidays, like this... 

Usually I bring some looks in one day, so I don't have to back and forth to make a new post. Changing clothes inside car is also challenging and also sweat haha. But after I opened the door, aaaa it was soo relieve and cool, prevailing winds while wearing maxi dress with the material like this is so perfect with the weather in Jakarta. For the country that has four season could use maxi dress that has a warmer material.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fashion Sketch: Jewelry

This drawing is originally made and belongs to Vashti Sade Djoehartono.
Inspiration comes from Chanel spring/summer collection in June 2011.
Edited in Photoshop CS2.

What We Were Doing at...

Pictures by Fary Hendrayana
We had been through all day long It was okay for us even we were late for the fashion show but we passed the time by chatting around in the fashion tent, from one place to another place, met a lot of unique and artistic people. It felt like in the heaven, surrounded by people who never get ashamed to expressing their self by their clothes, wearing boots with coats and leather jacket with the chain and guys with their braid hair, girls with their colorful hair, tight beads skirt, long dress, red lips, even twiggy make up! Everytime I visit event like art exhibitions, I realized that the quote "Earth without Art is Eh.." is soo damn true!

That was really an awesome day! I back and forth from the fashion tent to Senayan City, get some food to eat and chit chat with kak Fary and Nabilla. I brought two shoes for anticipation if my feet got hurt because of the heels. Yaa I am pretty sure, most of you girls really understand that feeling! Ah so I was ready with one bag that contains my flat shoes so I could go around the places with not-sick-feet and happy :D oh yaa I also remember when I went to Senayan City I saw some of people took photos with tongsis(tongkat narsis in Indonesia that means narcissistic stick) the long of the stick is around 1 meter so you could put your camera at the end of the stick, set the time, anddd you can took pictures with a loooot of people without any of you being the victim. Hahahaha just kidding. Yap! These are some pictures from thaat looonggg day!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sweet Jumpsuit

pictures by Fary Hendrayana
LATE POST FROM OCTOBER I'm really sorry for disappearing a long long time. I almost forgot that I still have a lots of pictures from Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. This month was really a busy month because in the beginning of December I had a final examinations full a week, so a week before the final exam I have to prepare it! Study hard, get additions, completing all of the tasks and many more aaand it takes a loong time! So I decided to pause this posting for a while. One of the graduation requirements is making a paper. Then I made a paper talked about How Fashion Could Influence Teen Girls to be Consumptive. Yah kind like that. The progress making that paper takes... around 6 month. Because I had to distributing the questionnaires to 81 teen girls in my high school, and it's really useful for me because I can understand how markets are going, what consumer wants, why the local product still beaten by import products, etc. This is really good because fashion business is getting tough and tough. However, we still got the spirit!

This pictures took at day-4 of fashion week and I went there with kak Fary/kak Hendra, I still confuse, am I have to write Fary of Hendra? hehhe I call him Fary usually, but he asks me to call him Hendra because he love that nickname so much, and I also went there with my supeer loyal best beesst friend, Nabilla Nazihandari and she would be a singer! I'm proud of her :D and in the day-4 I met a lot of people and that day was being a looong tired day, in the morning I went to school after that I asked for permission and left the school and went to fashion week after that meeting and back and forth from Plaza Senayan to Senayan City and Plaza Senayan again and it was tired but it was fun! Take a look of these pictures!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Face-Self Portrait

photograph by Fary Hendrayana
A little experiment A few days ago, I said that I will make somethings together with one of great great photographers, named Fary Hendrayana. He is a college student in University of Indonesia and built his own business. He also has a lots of motivating quotes and positive thiking. You can go and click this site to see his work. I interested to work together with him because, if you notice his photograph, the models always look happy and cheering and laughing, and it proofs that he has a nice personality and work heartily. It's not difficult to built a good relationship and comunication with him. Oh yaa, and you can also take a look his facebook, go and click https://www.facebook.com/fary.hendrayana Yesterday I went to his studio at Hang Tuah Raya street, Jakarta to see the other photoshoot and.....this is just a little bit introduction for our next project. Ready for the surprise? YAY :D

Monday, October 28, 2013

J.Campbell: In Gold We Trust

The newest collections from Jeffrey Campbell This is the newest collections from Jeffrey Campbell and took a theme "In Gold We Trust". In this collections, they took a little bit rock design with chain and gold.  I really want that heels (first picture) so....bad :" aaa look at that, how purrff-ect is that! Black shining stilettos with the gold chain make that heels looks super great! Jeffrey Campbell is one of the best shoes designer in the world (my version of course hehehehe...). He always has an extraordinary design and we can figure it out. It always out of the box and the best price too! But once again you have to count your savings to save your life! Haha :)

I loove the concept of "In Gold We Trust" photoshoot. They took bridge view as the background, mural art, street and river. That is so unique and appropriate with the theme of the shoes, and don't forget about the make up. They draw the eyeline around the eye, make their eyes is so catchy and fierce! Not too smoky I think...what do you think? And I also love the outfit! The jacket, the skirt, the top, the dress and......hair! ;D

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week - Day 3

Photograph by Bisma Syahputra
My first day in fashion week Hello! Jakarta Fashion Week has been started from 4 days ago, but finally I got a chance to visit that event. Jakarta fashion week 2014 started on October 19th until October 25th with a lot of designers from Indonesia. At that moment I was accompanied by one of my best friends (the one i've talked about her before:D) named Nabilla Nazihandari, my mum, my friend-the photographer at that day, and Fary Hendrayana. My friend who took these pictures is a beginner as a photographer. He wants to learn more about photography..so I gave him chances. I appreciate him because he wants to help me too, so this is very beneficial for both of us :) Fary Hendrayana is a great photographer from Jakarta, and I interest to work together with him. Yeah, next chapter kind a secret ;)

Jakarta Fashion Week has been followed by top Indonesian designers, such as Barli Asmara, Anne Avantie, Didiet Maulana, Lenny Agustin, Hartono Gan, Billy Tjong, Dian Pelangi, Misan, Edward Hutabarat, Tex Saverio and much much more. Fashion in Jakarta-Indonesia still shining with batik and other beautiful materials that you couldn't find the best of it anywhere in the whole world, except here. Also we have new designers such as Pevita Pearce, Luna Maya, etc. They are still young and fresh, bring their collections in to the market for all of the fashion lovers. For this fashion week, JFW took a theme "Bringing Indonesia to the World."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Goodies Wish List

Lazy Tuesday

Photograph by Raihan Skalski
One week with examinations Today is Tuesday and...after one week full of mid-test, I got one week free and it feels very good, aaah :) yesterday had been really tired day, I had accompany my best-friend (her name is Zidni Fahra-called Zifa) all day long in 4 shopping center in here. Can you imagine? Yeah it was fun and I don't mind to do it again and again. When I went to Plaza Senayan, there was a BIG SALE from metro department! Ah I just want to run and run to get the best things with the best price too! But I have to remind about my savings, it is getting thin and I have to think how to get more money... Then my friend told me to sell my things (like something I can't use it again or even not fits in me anymore.) And I decided to sell my things via online shop. But first I have to unload my closet and it means I have to face with dust, and I know I might be sneezing all the time because I have an allergic with dust :(

Speaking about the allergic with dust, after spending my whole day hanging out with my bf, last night I got sick, having a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy throat. This all must be the cold drinks I drunk yesterday. Influenza is really bad. By the way, tomorrow my mom going to take my report and I scared!! Aaa I don't know how to describe my feeling. Please anyone pray for me please please help.......

Sunday, September 29, 2013

White and Light

photograph by Raihan Skalski
6 o'clock in the morning I have to get up early to get a great light for these pictures. Without you knowing, I feel very very sleepy (oh my God, bring my mattress so I can lay on it!) but after I see the result, this is worthy! Great! I remember when I bought the outer, it was an event in...2012 maybe.. one of the shopping center in Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia. In that event, many fashion bloggers attend it and sold their own label, such as Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint (product: UP), Sonia Eryka from DIARY OF: THE RIOTOUS BELLE (product: RIOTOUS BY SEM / RIOTS BARBIE), Anastasia Siantar from Brown Plarform, etc. It's all local design and I'm proud of it :D The first time I bought that outer, I was confuse enough, how I wear it. Am I should mix it with jeans..? I mean just jeans.. or I can mix it with skirt? Initially, mix it just with jeans, but as time goes, I learn to make that shirt to be useful, so I wear that shirt to be outer, and voila! Isn't great?

With all of my sleepiness, I failed to keep my eyes open. I spent my whole afternoon to sleep. To be honest, I can not (CAN NOT AT ALL!) fight with drowsiness. If I spent the night to creating something-that absolutely wasting a whole night, I will struggling to keep my eyes open in the class in the morning. It's pretty dangerous if I miss subjects just for sleep. So... is there any solution? :) In Indonesia, school begins at 6.30 in the morning (for public school) but my high school is a private school so it begins at 7 o'clock in the morning. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

L'Arabian Rouge

photograph by Raihan Skalski
Arabian Night A few weeks ago, one of my best-friends was celebrate her 18th birthday party and she took "Arabian Night" for the theme, especially the dress code. Her name is Nabilla Nazihandari and she is so kind and friendly, I bet you're going to love her at the first time you greet her. Because the theme is so hard, I spent 4 hours more to looked around the mall to find a perfect outfit to go to her party. Initially, I want to take batik but I couldn't find the perfect batik that match with the theme. But, when I went to Zara, finally I found it! It's perfect and match with the theme, so I bought it. :D But you know sometimes people have to think twice I buy something. This is happen to me, like always. The income is not enough to buy this buy that. This is very consumptive but come on! You know it so well how it feels :"D This is not really good for my savings so after this I am not going to spend...any...money...again.......for 2 weeks.

Before that, I want to tell you all, it's been a busy week, because Monday I will have a Mid Semester Examinations. So that is the reason why I'm not posting for...daySdaySdayS (very long time) ago. It will takes a-full-week and takes a lots of time to learn some subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. There are a lots of differences education system in Indonesia with the other countries, and a lots of us (students in here) complain about it -_- haha so wish me luck for the mid semester examinations! :) 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Milano FW 2013 Printemps/Été

From New York to Milan Milan Fashion Week is held from Wednesday, September 19th - Monday, September 29th, New York held the biggest fashion week in the USA, followed with Milan to get ready for the biggest event in Italy, yes, that is Milan Fashion Week 2013. Milan Fashion Week attended by fashion lovers from around the world. All the people vying to look as unique as possible and show their personality. My favorite blogger all-the-time Kristina Bazan from KAYTURE also attend that amazing event too, and she worked together with one of those famous designer, Gucci. Milan is the third city after New York in the beginning of this month and London is in the midterm.

Milan Fashion Week attended by hundreds of Italian best designers, such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, etc.. There was also seen Blake Lively and Anna Dello Russo attend that event and they look very captivating. Through this event, Giorgio Armani said that Milan is the best city for fashion! Because of that MFW is really help Italian Fashion Designer to lift their existence in fashion business in the world. This year, Armani brings light-mild-slight designs through their collections "The Water Lily". Miuccia Prada brings glamorous in their collections, inspired from muralist like Miles "El Marc" Gregor, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, Stinkfish, etc. Proven by their collection brings face painting from Mural into their coat.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Black Chain

photograph by Raihan Skalski
DIY top by me I have a story behind that shirt, and I'm going to tell you yeay:D The shirt was bought when I was in the middle school and it used for my orchestra performance. Initially, the shirt had sleeves, but I cutted it off a few years later because it wasn't comfort enough. Everytime I try to lift my hand it was hold me. I think there is something wrong with the stitching :( After that my mom bought me a sewing scissors and I try to make that shirt to be useful, and after I cutted it off, I'd like to wear it comfortably. You can do it at your home, but I have a recommendation not to do it in my home or use other people's clothes :D

I have been searching for necklace like that since a few months ago. Once, I found it at H&M but, however, very unfortunate, I didn't buy the necklace because of something (isn't it mysterious enough? Hahaha.) And then, once I was going shopping, and found the necklace similar with H&M, it's so much different but, like...one model, you know? -_- It's local designer by the way :D

Monday, September 16, 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013

Spring summer for NYFW 2013 I'm so sorry guys I'm so late with keeping my promise about New York Fashion Week 2013 small report. A few days ago I got sick because of my flank problem. I have a ulcer and I'd like to consume orange juice lately, so it hurts my flank. Beside that, I've been so busy about my school schedule, but it's okay right now, and I am ready to share a little news about New York Fashion Week 2013. 

This event lasted for 5 days in New York City, exactly in the spring. Followed by hundreds of fashion designers, this show is getting hotter and jarring, making all the fashion lovers from around the world vying for the invitation. In this super-huge-events, attended from supermodel (like Coco Rocha, Karolina Kurkova), VOGUE's editor-in-chief (Anna Wintour), Fashion Bloggers, and much much much more. From Indonesia we have Sonia Eryka from DIARY OF: THE RIOTOUS BELLE, Anastasia Siantar from Brown Platform, Cindy Karmoko from Hippie Gone Mad, and one else, but I don't know her name or her blog hehe :D And I got my, the most favorite blogger all-the-time Kristina Bazan! She's from KAYTURE, and also Aimee from Song of Style. Actually there are hundreds of fabulous people else, but this is very impossible for me to mention it one by one. Now, you can take a look of these pictures I got!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sounds of Casual

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
This is the journal of my life I love to do blogging, it feels like writing a diary everyday. You can tell anything in here, even the most absurd things in your life:) yes, this is what I am doing right now, exactly right now. Today, I had a history and citizenship examinations and it's quite complicated, but I can finish it well, yay! Doing blogging like this, every night is a relaxing thing before starting to learn some subjects. I have some homeworks to do, like physics and...art! Next year I will be graduated, so I have to work hard lately to reach a satisfying score at the end.

Tomorrow, I would like to post/share about New York Fashion Week (maybe I didn't go in there, but believe me, I do not want to miss the most stunning news-in-this-year.) I'm going to search it by googling and I would shared it to you tomorrow :D Can you ever imagine, cool people like Coco Rocha, Anna Wintour, Karolina Kurkova, Kristina Bazan, Aimee, Sonia Eryka are in the same place!! Admire them soooo much :D

Monday, September 9, 2013

La Pureté Bleu

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
As blue as sky I love my blue dress. It's bodycon but it doesn't hold me tightly, so it's very comfort. My mom bought it for me a year ago, I forgot where it is (of course I think I often forget some things, and I don't why -_-.) The dress is not expensive and very worthy. I can use that dress to go to the mall or a little party, and about the material, it's appropriate with the tropics, like Indonesia.

When my brother was taking the photos, I saw his watch and I asked him to borrow it for a while, then he gave his watch to me. Thank you bro, for lending me borrow yours ;) yay! After that we went to sushi restaurant. We have to queued the line. I don't want to go to another restaurant because it's my favorite one. Everytime I go to the mall, sushi-tei restaurant would be my first choice to get a food. Sushisushi :D

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bloglovin 2

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What a Blazing Day!

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono

Blazing and blessed, it's quite funny right, last night I cried because of..personal things and my PMS(oh common! I don't like it but... You know exactly what it feels, girls? :D) then my bro took me by surprise. He was knocking my door and I...yeah you know what. I opened the door and went to my room and told my mom, her son just came. It's a good news right? I have a photographer on this weekend yay! What a blessings! Thank you God, You save my day :) So in the next day, I took a photos with my bro and mom.

The next day is today! It's 1 am and Jakarta really getting hotter such a blazing day. Watching all about NYFW things make me really really jealous and want to scratch the land until it burns in my hand. Aaaargh, someday I hope and wishhh I could be there. Be happy you guys (I mean, all the cool people who attend that super-amazing event in this year).

Monday, September 2, 2013

Common People Chapter 3

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
The Interior yeay at least I found a perfect time to complete my promises yesterday. It's very hard you know, found leisure time to post routinely. It feels like I want to finish my high school as soon as possible (huh). I want to be free so the school time can not holding me tight with those schedule. I promised as soon as I finish my high school I am going to post my look more often.

So, about the interior, well, I like the interior. wait... I mean I love it! It's very high class and comfortable, so chic and simple. Everything goes right like they were meant to be together. I spend almost three hours in there (can you imagine how boring the waiters/waitresses seeing me hours and hours) so after I got the shoots and finish our lunch, we left that stunning place. So here we go the photos of the interior!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Common People Chapter 2

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
As I promised yesterday I am going to post my other photos. I wore my mom's blazer, I like the color and the pattern. Thank you to my mom for letting me borrow hers. But the size is too big to me so I didn't really wore it, and about the skirt, I bought it when I was in middle school. My middle school is located in Tebet, South Jakarta. The location of my middle school is very strategic because it's near with fashion stores, mini cinema, salon and spa, etc.

Actually I don't know what to say anymore-_- yeah because there is nothing too crucial to talked. Tomorrow I'm going to have a biology exam, oh my God I haven't study it yet. So let me finish this post then I'm going to study. About the Common People's interior it's going be posted tomorrow, okay? Wish me luck for tomorrow, yeay!

Common People Chapter 1

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono

Ethnic theme for 2013 is the brand new beginning for today shoot. My brother, the one who took photos today is home! He studies in Bandung, (Bandung in one of the biggest city in Indonesia) arrived home yesterday. It's such a great opportunity to met him. Now, he is a freelance runner in my cousin's wedding organize as a photographer. He is very good in photograph and I asked him to shoot me because I need a photographer. It's difficult you know, find a photographer who clicks on you, but now he is on the process to learning about human interest photography and I hope he grows fast.

Today photoshoot take a location in Common People, Kemang with my mom also. Common People Eatery & Bar sells west and east food. The interior is so stunning, I could spend hours in there and the service is so nice. It location in Plaza Bisnis Building, Kemang Raya Street num.2. Because my big bro will leaves  Jakarta soon, I took two looks at once today. The photos of the interior will be post tomorrow and also my another looks.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Letter from The Universe!

Welcome to the universe of Jewel Rocks! In this universe you are going to find a lots of... I mean a tons of stunning accessories. You will find a treasure, passion, art, etc in this tiny beautiful jewelries. In every threads, colors, beads are made from love and dreams, each of them tell their own stories. Jewel Rocks has traveled around Europe, Asia, until New Zealand. Begun with struggling journey to reach a beautiful destiny. The owner of Jewel Rocks has teached us to always dreams and labour persistently. There is nothing in this world will come true if we keep dreaming without make a supreme effort. You can open the page of Jewel Rocks by clicking here, sit back and enjoy the universe of Jewel Rocks! or you can check the gadget on the right side.

Kak Mel (*"kak" is one of the greeting words for the older one) is the owner of Jewel Rocks. She is one of the closest friends from my cousin. She has began this business since years ago, I don't know when exactly the time. She has passed a lot of hurdles, up and down, troubles, but it couldn't stop her to make her dreams come true. Her creations has traveled Europe like France, Spain, Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and UK. Asia: Jakarta&Bali, Japan and Singapore, and also in New Zealand. First time I met Kak Mel was in Bali when I went there to spent my holiday. She's very nice and friendly. I'm so glad to have a chance knowing her.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


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Southeast Asia Getting Hotter

Photograph by my mom

A few months ago I went to Singapore with my mom. I never realise how blazing and sting the weather in here. Singapore is located in the north of Indonesia, close with Sumatera Island. Sumatera include in the list of the most populous country, even the population doesn't much as Indonesian, but if we divide it with the area of the country, Singapore is the most crowded country in the world, but Singapore is very clean. You can not find any plastic garbage along the streets. You also treated by the hedonic view along the Orchard Road.

I went to Singapore with my mom about 5 days. We were traveling a lot and going anywhere we want. We didn't just go to the mall, but I explore another area like "Little India" or "China Town." Singapore really really made it like a real India or China. It feels like we are in the whole world in the same place and in the same time. I'm so stunned and amazed by Singapore's city regulator. They can utilize their land to the maximum. I also went to Universal Studio Singapore, I am not so interest about something that's endanger my life. I would like to choose, seeing from below than have to ride the vehicle.

Shine Bright Skirt!

photograph by Abi Anindito

The sparkling tight skirt, yes I love it. I bought that when I went to Singapore with my mom. It was the last piece and I won't think twice because I'm in love this that Skirt. Actually I'm looking for top with those sparkling things but I haven't find it yet or if I found it, I don't like the ideas of that top. That's why I want to be a fashion designer. My dreams to becoming a fashion designer has shown up when I was 5th grade in elementary school. I'd like to drawing, sketching, and many more. My mom has seen it before, and she asked me, "Are you want to be a fashion designer." I don't have to think about it too long because my heart is like, "yes baby, it's your destination. Go and get it! Reach it and I believe you can do it." love greetings from the bottom of my heart.

I was born with art in my flowing blood. I am really really be greatful and thankful with those gift. My dad is an architecture, when I was a little kid, I'd like to go to my daddy's office to steal some interior book. It's fun you know, watching teletubbies and seeing those stunning interior comes from the book at once and imagining that would be your future home or maybe your dream home and imagining (again) to be an interior designer. My cousins are a wedding planner, graphic designer, accessories designer, high fashion store manager, so it's concluding that no one can push me away from that subject, yes art. I hope you enjoy your each talent and grows it up so it can be beneficial to you and your life. Money can comes from anywhere, right? If you want to working hard, passionate, strong, and patient with all of the obstructions that would impedes to chasing your dreams. Good luck! :-)

Quote of the Day

See My Turquoise?

photograph by Abi Anindito

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world especially
 today, when humancontacts are so quick
Fashion is instant language." 
-Miuccia Prada

well, I love turquoise.

Partner in Crime

photograph by Adhie Subekti
THERE WAS AN EVENT in my school, it required Japanese Club and French Club to open cafe together. Because I'm part of French Club, I would like to help my friends from japanese club to take photoshoot for that cafe. My partner in that photos named Rasyad K, he's my friend since I was in elementary school. He's kinda funny and stormy. I really swear this photos are fake, he seems "cool" and "calm" but I'm pretty sure you are going to shock that he really doesn't like that.

We took this photos in music classroom about a few months ago. Because it was like the end of 11th grade, our school was like deserted so we used it for photoshoot. The photographer named Adhie Subekti is also my friend since elementary school and I still remember how they were look like. There's no significant changing, the difference is just... they all have passion and dreams now. They have their own goal for their life, and I wish they can pursue their dreams until it comes true. Love :-)

Greetings From Jakarta

photograph by Abi Anindito
It's quite difficult to find a place with fresh air in a big city, especially Jakarta. Yes, where do I live, but I found green grass with cobblestone streets in some area. I love Jakarta, no matter what, even it's crowded or congestion everywhere. But I believe our new governor could bring us into a new Jakarta, a better one of course. Jakarta is a capital region of Indonesia. Everybody from island to island, east to west, speculate their carriers in here. Peoples from different culture, different race, language are being together in this province, makes this town is so populous. City with hundreds mall, hundreds entertain, etc.

However, sometimes modern lifestyle brings us to global warming. Hundreds constructions are built, lack of reforestations, etc. We have to put our attention to environment more if we want to apply healthy life. We have to remember that we still have next generations. I would like to spend my time there just to find another inspirations with some "violet" things. My photographer said that I look like mother minister, am I?

Back From the Past

photograph by Abi Anindito
Hi! It was such a long time not using blogger. I was struggling with "how to use blog" and actually I still learning because I think this is quite difficult for me. But now, I'm learning and it feels easier than I thought. Before I came back with this blog I learn about web design. One night I googling about "webdesign" and found a great application named wix. you can open my web by clicking here.

But at one night, that web was error and I was panic, then I try to calming myself down then I open "blogger.com" and try to be patient and learn how to design the template, the gadget and everything else. Now I understood and ready to fight back with the better one. Yay! Enjoy, comment, and don't forget to follow me, thank you. :D