Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sounds of Casual

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
This is the journal of my life I love to do blogging, it feels like writing a diary everyday. You can tell anything in here, even the most absurd things in your life:) yes, this is what I am doing right now, exactly right now. Today, I had a history and citizenship examinations and it's quite complicated, but I can finish it well, yay! Doing blogging like this, every night is a relaxing thing before starting to learn some subjects. I have some homeworks to do, like physics and...art! Next year I will be graduated, so I have to work hard lately to reach a satisfying score at the end.

Tomorrow, I would like to post/share about New York Fashion Week (maybe I didn't go in there, but believe me, I do not want to miss the most stunning news-in-this-year.) I'm going to search it by googling and I would shared it to you tomorrow :D Can you ever imagine, cool people like Coco Rocha, Anna Wintour, Karolina Kurkova, Kristina Bazan, Aimee, Sonia Eryka are in the same place!! Admire them soooo much :D


Look of the day:
my cousin gave me the top
M&S pants
zara heels
fossil bag
Gc watches
make up by Revlon