Friday, May 9, 2014

We Got That Move

pictures by Fary Hendrayana

I'M BACK Back from a tons of exam, back from hectic schedule. National examination passed half month ago, but sorry for a long tardiness, hehe I'm enjoying this long free time. In this free time, we usually use it for studying to prepare ourselves for university selection test. For those people who already got one, they can feel more relax than the other people. I use this free time to learn a lot of things and do a lot of things, like I can accompany my father's project and learn a lot from that. Meeting a bunch of people and listening to what they say. Beside that, actually I got a lot of pictures and looks but, I think I just not ready yet to post it, and now I'm ready. By the way I want to say Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, Diani Putri Pracasya in her 18th birthday I wish the best and a lots of hugs and love from me. She has been a really good friend of me since three years ago, when we were classmate. And I want to say a lot of thank you to Fary Hendrayana that he helps me to do this during this free time. If you interested to take pictures with him or you want to make any family photos or year book or anything else that connected to the photography, just contact him by clicking his blog: or his facebook:

When I did this photo, I felt like having a jazz-country music album, but I think it is close with impossibility hahaha. Beside do some things, I also watch a looott of movie, it means a lot yeah streaming. I watched That Awkward Moment, Charlie St Cloud (I'm crazy with Zac Efron now), Ellen Show, Crazy Stupid Love, Easy A(and also Emma Stone), Romeo+Juliet, A Little Thing Called Love, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, 27 dresses, and.... I forgot. I can't understand why Emma Stone is so pretty, she change her hair color to blonde, brown, red, and it fits in her and she still pretty. I remember she became a Revlon lipstick I right? Yah the point is I adore her! :D By the way I cut my log hair, what do you think?