Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dark & Romantic

taken by Fary Hendrayana; edited by me

SPARKLE What is sparkle? Chain? What is a chain? Dark and Romantic? What is the connections between Sparkle, Chain, Dark and Romantic? Black and white are always a great combinations, we can wear white or black in every color we wear. Sparkle, you see the skirt I wear? That is sparkle. When the lights start to flashing the sparkle, it would be shine. That's the special thing about sparkle. The other thing that as beautiful as sparkle can we find in sequin. That is one of the most gorgeous material ever. Chain, usually chain point to metal rings that be connected one to the other one and become one and unity. You see the necklace I wear? That's chain. Chain can also used to the shoulder part of leather jacket, I would make a strong statement, or..we can put it into a long black classy dress. It would give accentuation clearly.

I have already tell you what is sparkle and chain. Both are great things, they have their own character and if we can combine it creatively, I think it would be a nice nice thing, like I said about white and black. I dream to be a designer, so here are the thing in my mind. Black is always beautiful, white is always bright and stunning. Sequin is always sparkling and shining, and chain is always strong. It would be such a amazing collaboration between them, than we can produce something dark and romantic to face this epic, tragic, and pathetic world. Actually I don't know what I'm saying, I just want to say that. :)