Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Black Chain

photograph by Raihan Skalski
DIY top by me I have a story behind that shirt, and I'm going to tell you yeay:D The shirt was bought when I was in the middle school and it used for my orchestra performance. Initially, the shirt had sleeves, but I cutted it off a few years later because it wasn't comfort enough. Everytime I try to lift my hand it was hold me. I think there is something wrong with the stitching :( After that my mom bought me a sewing scissors and I try to make that shirt to be useful, and after I cutted it off, I'd like to wear it comfortably. You can do it at your home, but I have a recommendation not to do it in my home or use other people's clothes :D

I have been searching for necklace like that since a few months ago. Once, I found it at H&M but, however, very unfortunate, I didn't buy the necklace because of something (isn't it mysterious enough? Hahaha.) And then, once I was going shopping, and found the necklace similar with H&M, it's so much different but, model, you know? -_- It's local designer by the way :D

Look of the day:
Accent-DIY top
M&S bottom
(X) S.M.L. necklace
make up by Revlon
nail polish by Oriflame