Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jewel Rocks & Jazz Market

Today, I went to Jazz Market at Taman Baghawan, Bali.

Look of the day:
unbranded dress
Neflin Fadlan Shoes

 and here is my ever-so-fashionable niece, Kirani.  She's such a cutie pie!

Oh my, little princess, how cute you are.... now let's go to the Jazz Market!

I made a small stop at this little shop, Jewel Rocks, in Jalan Drupadi.
The owner of Jewel Rocks is Imelda Wijaya. She such an inspiring lady, who started this business from nothing, and now she employs so many ladies to make the cool, beachy jewelry.  She is one of my cousin's best friends. Check out the pictures of her shop below.


and this is minee..

After that we had a nice seafood lunch at this little restaurant tucked away behind this "half-alive" artshop, deep in the small streets of Tanjung Benoa.  I'm sure I won't be able to find it the second time! Here is the picture of the view...

Can you see a little poor kid was trying to push the boat?  I felt sorry to see it :(

And this is the photo from my seat :)

Here goes my plate.  Make sure you don't drool over it!  The sweetest, freshest fish, prawns and clams :9

The journey of today ends at Jazz Market by The Sea... The event took place on 6-8 in January 2012 held at Park Bhagavan, in Jalan Pratama 70, Tanjung Benoa, Bali, Indonesia. It is located on a charming white-sand beach with lush green lawns combined with beautiful music played by excellent musicians from afternoon until evening.Jazz Market by the sea becomes the expression of the musicians in front of the country to jazz lovers. Including tourists who were visiting Bali. Visitors and tourists can enjoy the culinary or shopping and have a look at the various crafts his booth.