Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Birthday Party

Yeaaaaaaaayyy, on January 2nd, I celebrated my birthday. Actually, didn't plan on having any celebration. Starting from 12a.m. I started to receive many greetings from my friend, which made me so happy. From twitter or bbm :) This day has begun perfectly. I thought I didn't need any presents, a simple "hey girl, happy birthday!" is really really meaningful for me. Because, behind "happy birthday!" I believe that there is always a special wish for me :)

I was not faking the surprise that I got, because of my birthday cake is like..........................

Oh my God. There is an Eiffel above the cake!!
Really love Paris so much!

And we had dinner with tumpeng^^ yeay, it's so delicious :9
After dinner, my other cousin gave my a box..really curious right?
You know what.....she gave me simple blue dress with necklace, and high heels :)
and this my picture with my beloved niece <3

She is so beautiful right? I think she have a modeling talent hahaha^^

Okaaaay, my birthday was going well and I'm happy. I'm so thankful to God, my cousins, my niece who loves to take pictures with me, my boyfriend that always accompanies me, my family in Jakarta for the greetings, my best Dad ever! And my frienddsss. Thanks a lottttt.

Lots of Love. :)