Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good as Gold

pictures by Adhie S.

MAKE THE PRIORITY These pictures been taken around two weeks ago, but I just edited these pictures yesterday and having a chance and time to upload this today. This month is really busy with school's tasks, the preparation for national examinations, meeting for prom night, and the other things. Day after day passed very quickly, I almost realized that I just have only 3 months before national examinations, college entrance exams, prom night, and in the mid-year we have to start the college. Some of my friends still in Jakarta, and the other else will going to other town, near far. When I was in 5th grade elementary school, I thought it would be a long journey until I'm standing here, ready to face the world and how hard that is, thinking about what we're going to do if something happen. Now, I can feel the differences between I was in junior high and almost graduated from senior high. My plan is going to Semarang, learn law there, and do the internship with one of my favorite designer. I hope my plans run smoothly.

In high school I'm not the best student there, teachers and my parents always remind me to make a priority in my life, but sometimes I didn't do any priority, I just do whatever I want to do. Actually that's not good, for those who already great in making a priority, make people around you makes you as a good example. But the nice part is my parents always support me and I really do love my teachers, they're really act like our second parents in school, we can tell about our problems to them and they will be listen you carefully and give you the best solutions. While we're young, do a lots of things, never doubt to spread it to world, never afraid what people will judge you. Anyway, people always have their own critics WHATEVER we do, we speak, we look, we express ourselves. People love, people dislike, it's common :)

Look of the day:
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Bershka denim
Dorothy Perkins clutch bag
C&A sunglasses
Naima wedges