Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Red Door

pictures by Adhie S.

KNOCK KNOCK This week had been a really super busy week, preparing for Business Day (Eldest) in my high school really took a lot of time. Actually this program just started one year ago as the first generation. In this program (and this is required for all students) we learn how to make a business plan, thinking about what we're going to sell to consumer, what the consumer wants, how to make a design product, learn to make a good poster with some graphic design rules, make a advertisement that would attract people to see. And my group decided to sell chicken wings, why we choose chicken wings? Because we think that, chicken is a public consumption goods and everyone can take it easily. After decide what we're going to sell, we started to make a business plan, logo, motto, and collect money for initial capital. After through a long way, and try a secret recipe, we started to design the food box, I try to find an inspiration from It's an online portfolios from around the world, from the best graphic design and you can find a lot of high quality art there. After that we considering about the price and many other things. And voila! The Entrepreneur Day started to begin.

Beyond expectations the product that we sell was really be in demand, and after two hours our food was sold out! That was crazy until we wait 12 p.m. to bought some raw material in the nearest supermarket and restock again and we began the trading activities at 1 p.m. until 4.00 p.m. we were sold out again and close the stand. Yay! A lot of school think that this activities is quite complicated and takes a lot of time, whereas now we have to concentration and focus for national exam. But the founder of my high school is one of prominent educators and he said this is very important for our future, examinations never determine when we're growing up you're going to be successful or not. However, learn how to build a business is more important than the value that is printed on a white sheet of paper. THAT would decide what you're going to be, and we learnt so much about tolerance, patience, how to make a deal with people, push the output, and many more. From A to Z, we learnt from this. Thank you for the experience :)

Look of the Day:
Zara Top
Bershka denim
H&M wedges