Saturday, January 4, 2014

Birthday Dinner

pictures by Adhie Subekti

2ND OF JANUARY always be one of my favorite day of my entire life. In my 17th birthday I feel like, this is "how we live this life." Everything doesn't seems really beautiful and perfect like having a 5th birthday party. Everyone gives their attention to us. Not like that anymore, everything will be really pure right now, you can see your real friend who will be there for you every time you need them, never get upset for every squawk that we speak to them. That's the real friends because the real friend never mind every time we're getting out of control because we knew they will always love us whatever the problems, whenever, and however. Unfortunately, some of my friends can't attending my dinner because they're in holiday. By the way, the best part of my 17th birthday is, I go to school at that day because there is an extra class! Hahah a little tacky, but believe me I always through my birthday when holiday and I am having so much fun with my best-friends!

Getting older means you have more responsibilities to do. I have a responsibilities for my future, and keep my parents proud of me. My birthday was 2 days ago, and I just got this pictures from Adhie, yesterday noon, and I have to upload this picturesss to facebook and there was a lot of technical and internet problems make my heart getting warmer (I mean....explode..hahah) haaaa but after through a long time, I did it! Yay. By the way, I am really feeling sorry for my brother absence, he is really busy with his essay for his graduation this year. I pray the best for you bro :) Having dinner with everyone that you want to be there, surrounding you is really nice. It's simple, happy, and the most important thing is, you have to try your best everyone is really enjoying, you can't make them 100% happy but, at least enjoying without any blocking or something not good like that...yaaaa ahahehiae.

Actually this plan is really suddenly. At first of January, I asked my father to accompany me to Bluegrass, Epicentrum, I just want to eat some food with best-friends, but I don't want too far, because there's a lot of 17th birthday party. At the first it's really awesome and cool, everyone have to come! But overtime, people getting so "mager" mager is like you're getting lazy to moving your body(?) then I remember that I found a restaurant in Kuningan, not too far, cozy place, delicious food, stunning interior, not too crowd, perfect. Then at night, I contacted people, than viola! let's take some look at the pictures:)

Diani Putri Pracasya

She's really persistent, workhorse, diligent, and know what she wants in her life. I'm so proud having best-friend like her. She's really chubby and if she doesn't smile her face seems really fierce, she wants to go to law faculty just like me, she wants to be House of Representatives. Having a pretty face (I'm not trying to praise you beb, cuih) I hate you but I love you sistah

Dia ini gigih, pekerja keras, tekun dan dia tau apa yang dia pingin di hidupnya dia. Gue bangga(iuh) punya temen kayak dia(gasebegitunya sih). Dia pipinya gembul dan kalau gak senyum mukanya galak (nyolot abiz) Dia mau masuk fakultas hukum samaan sama eike.. Trus dia mau jadi anggota DPR cuy, ya pokoknya I hate you but I still love you dah :*

Nabilla Nazihandari

No Comment

Udah sering kan ceritain yang satu ini? Ya pokoknya gue sering cerita tentang dia, sering pinjem sweaternya sama wedgesnya wkwkw, pokoknya orangnya gitulah, oiya dia mau jadi dokter gigi, janjinya kalo gue mau mutihin gigi diskonnya gede, trus suaranya bagus. KOK.(gamuji gue) tapi yang satu ini The Best lah pokonya, kalo ada awards gue masukin dia ke nominasi The Best rambutnya suka terbang kemana2 karena kena badai, trus warnanya coklat.(penting gasih gue ngomong gini?) Kalo dihitung-hitung jumlah jam jalan gue sm dia, ngelebihin jam tidur gue. Trus kalo tiba2 nyokap gue ngangkat anak, kemungkinan besar, dia yang diangkat....lopelopeyuuuu
listen to her soundcloud:

yah doi lagi.

Anida Chairunnisa

She's my chair-mate right now. She said still confuse with the faculty she wants to go. The last time she told me she wants to go Economic. I support you! Keep on going. She spend her money most to buy food, then after 2 mouthfuls she gave me her food or anybody else. That's makes me save my money:) ciao

Dia temen sebangku gue, Dia masih bingung mau ke fakultas, terakhir kali doi bilang, dia mau ke Ekonomi, Gue dukung! Mangat! Dia suka ngabisin uang mayoritas buat beli makanan. Abis 2 suap, makanannta dikasih ke gue, atau ga ke orang lain. Itu membantu gue sih buat menghemat uang saku :) ciao

Alivia Puti Kamila

Here it is! Puti the most sexiest friend I have, she doesn't have any shy on me anymore. She told me everything she wants or she did........:0 wkwkwkw but I still like that character! She very loves talking, sometimes I don't understand what she's talking about, but I try!! The last time she went to my home, she was talking to me and I overslept hehehehe. Now, she went to college learning about business. Love her so much (iyuh)

Ini dia! Puti temen gue yang paling seksi, yang gapunya malu lagi sm gue(gangerti lagi...). Doi bisa ceritain semua yang pengen dia ceritain atau yang dia lakuin....:0 kwkwkw tp gue suka karakter kayak gitu! Dia suka banget ngomong, kadang2 gue gangerti dia ngomong apaan tp gue berusaha kok. Terakhir kali dia main ke rumah gue, dia lagi ngomong sm gue tp gue ketiduran wkwakkk. Sekarang doi lg kuliah bisnis gitu. ya pokoknya gitu gaperlu ditranslate deh.

Nadhilah Zhafirah

Since in the third grade, me and fira become closer because......I don't know exactly, but I knew she's a really good person, and Banyi(Billa), Fira, and me spend a lot of time going to mall, but we always go to the same mall meanwhile there are a lot of different mall in here and always eat sushi. What happened with us? wkkwkkw. Once I sold by Victoria's Secret Perfume and we debating about, with wrap-extra money, no wrap-no extra money, doesn't really matter-_- and she gave me a lip scrub, while I consider it as candy because it's sweet and edible.:D

Sejak kelas 3, gue sm fira jadi deket karenaa... gue gatau kenapa-_- tp gue tau doi orangnya baikk, trus banyi, fira, sama gue sering ngabisin waktu bareng ke mall, tp selalu mall yang sama padahal ada banyak mall lain... mungkin krn deket yak wkw trus makannya pasti di Sushi Tei. Trus gue pernah jual parfum Victoria's Secret gue ke dia, trus kita debat cuma ttg kalo pake bungkus tambah 5000 wakaka apaantuh ya gue gappa yaa namanya juga cari untung :D trus doi ngasih gue lip scrub tp udh gue anggep itu permen krn manis dan bs dimakan. Kayaknya itu bakal abs gue makan deh...

Zidni Fahra

no comment too. :"

yang satu ini.... beh.. gila.. ngomong apa yak gue. Kalo jujur pasti terbang2 gitu. Paling mentok kalo ga terbang, senyam senyum, gue jadi inget pernah dikasih liat "... Facts in this world" sampe ngakak mau matee wakakkaa. Zifa ini pas kelas 10 temen sebangku gue. Doi alergi kacang, kalo makan kacang nanti bentol bentol gatel2 gitu, dan gue sering nawarin di kacang grgr gue lupa melulu, mumpung gue inget nih gue kasih tau, jangan kasih dia kacang ya! Kalo gue disuruh ngedescribe dua bocah cilik ini, mungkin gue baru tidur 2 jam lagi:( Zifa ini orangnya tekun mau belajar!! PERCAYA DONG SM GUE....pokoknya ga kayak gue yang rada males hehehhee. Trus sekali kedip beh efeknya....... ya gt pokonya I luv you to the mars, saturn and back to the earth.luvluv

Nikita Cendhani

We once went to Paris together, in School's event around 3 weeks-1 months and that was a really great experience! But unfortunately we got some problem each other, but after few months, our relationship fixed, and we're best-friend again! :D Her body like Macbook Air but she eats like cow.... hiiiihihihihi

Kia pernah pergi ke Paris bareng, pas acara sekolah selama 3 minggu-1 bulan dan itu pengalam seru bangett, tp sayangnya kita pernah ada masalah satu sama lain, tapi setelah beberapa bulan kita baikan! Nikita ini badannya setipis Macbook Air tapi makannya kayak sapi...hhhhiihii