Friday, January 31, 2014

Viktor & Rolf Spring Summer 2014

FIRST TIME I WATCH This video I thought the ballerina and the whole thing is just the opening of the fashion show, while the truth is... all the couture that the ballerina wear is the brand new collection of Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014! Isn't just amazing? It means that the model must have an ability for dancing ballet, or maybe the designers took the ballerina as model? Whatever, it;s out of the box and pretty insane, also the outfit was really really great. But it's pretty horror when I see the face, it covered by the messy hair, but I think it's a part of art. Sometimes, beautiful is never enough for someone artistic like both designers! But this is very unique and I appreciated so well.

"The world of classical dance inspired couturiers this season, resulting in graceful, delicate ensembles or leotard-like outfits that seemed to come from a ballerina's wardrobe. The graceful and delicate trend was at the heart of Julien Fournié's collection, entitled "Premier Frisson" ("First Thrill"), which included exquisitely tailored garments in soft shades (silver, lilac, grey). Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf also drew inspiration from the dance studio, but with different results. The collection consisted mainly of short, opaque dresses resembling leotards, with minimalistic tailoring and trompe-l'oeil prints suggesting tattoos or ribbons." -yahoo news.