Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Prom Night - Royal Rumble

PROM NIGHT is one of the important night for all the high school student. In here in this moment, we dressed as nice as possible, we go to the saloon, get hair done, get make up done, buy a pair of new high heels, or contact lenses. Everybody get really prepare for this important night. After weeks have no meet with one high school generation, this is one of the beautiful part of ending the high school moment, the step when we are teenager to mature, the step that really crucial to deciding our mission, our plans, our dreams, and this is the step where all our hard work after six years in elementary school, 3 years in middle school, and 3 years in high school proved. 

Usually in here, we are already know, what we want to be, and what we want to do. In here we are focused. Actually I love this step, where I don't have to sit down in the class, staring the whiteboard and listen very carefully 100%, pressure to finish the test in 90 minutes (example). When we are already deciding, we know that we can learn in anywhere anytime, with the way we want. Like meeting people, getting ready for build a business with your partner in cafe, or lounge, with your notebook, maybe a sketch book, and your laptop. Talking about your passion or your job that can produce a lot of money (maybe not a lot sometimes, maybe just enough) but as long as we are still young, that not really a big problem because we don't have any responsibilities for anybody anyone yet. But sure, soon, you will have the family, kid, that is your responsibilities to take them to school, buy a new home, or paying a credit card. If you're woman, maybe your savings it's a little bit save, but if you're a man...hoho it's dangerous for having one job that produce money just enough. Just for case, I think it's really really crucial (this is serious.. very very..) for having minimum 2 jobs. Haha just sharing what I'm thinking now. Happy days!

Here they are, the people behind implementation Prom Night - Royal Rumble, Labschool Jakarta SHS - Prasgantara Vidrathama

Here they are the Prom Night - Royal Rumble, Labschool Jakarta SHS - Prasgantara Vidrathama. It was held in May 28, 2014 at Kempinski Grand Ball Room, Hotel Indonesia. With the host Danang & Darto, and guest star Nidji.