Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When The Heart Keeps The Love


These days, Niall Horan had to surrender when Jennifer Amcotts do not want to talk to him. He silenced and she treated him like he doesn't exist, if Niall approached Jen on campus, she must be avoid him or hiding in the library or even worse in the toilet. And when Niall came to her house, he had certainly driven away by her father. So, Niall waiting in the front gate of her house until she got home. but just the same, the girl ignored his presence.

Dozens of calls and text messages from Niall did she ignore. Jen does not know, it's better to be scolded and chewed out her all-out rather than languish ignored like this.

the story above is belongs to someone, and I just translate it to English, original language: Bahasa Indonesia.

Quote the story above, it is true. This expression applies not only to lovers, but all the people who matter in our lives. Family, friends, relatives, siblings, children, "better scolded and chewed out rather than languish ignored like this."

But the things that much better than above is, having a good talk.