Saturday, August 17, 2013

Partner in Crime

photograph by Adhie Subekti
THERE WAS AN EVENT in my school, it required Japanese Club and French Club to open cafe together. Because I'm part of French Club, I would like to help my friends from japanese club to take photoshoot for that cafe. My partner in that photos named Rasyad K, he's my friend since I was in elementary school. He's kinda funny and stormy. I really swear this photos are fake, he seems "cool" and "calm" but I'm pretty sure you are going to shock that he really doesn't like that.

We took this photos in music classroom about a few months ago. Because it was like the end of 11th grade, our school was like deserted so we used it for photoshoot. The photographer named Adhie Subekti is also my friend since elementary school and I still remember how they were look like. There's no significant changing, the difference is just... they all have passion and dreams now. They have their own goal for their life, and I wish they can pursue their dreams until it comes true. Love :-)