Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back From the Past

photograph by Abi Anindito
Hi! It was such a long time not using blogger. I was struggling with "how to use blog" and actually I still learning because I think this is quite difficult for me. But now, I'm learning and it feels easier than I thought. Before I came back with this blog I learn about web design. One night I googling about "webdesign" and found a great application named wix. you can open my web by clicking here.

But at one night, that web was error and I was panic, then I try to calming myself down then I open "" and try to be patient and learn how to design the template, the gadget and everything else. Now I understood and ready to fight back with the better one. Yay! Enjoy, comment, and don't forget to follow me, thank you. :D

Look of the day:
accent top
forever 21 sweater
project one skirt
H&M wedges