Saturday, August 17, 2013

Southeast Asia Getting Hotter

Photograph by my mom

A few months ago I went to Singapore with my mom. I never realise how blazing and sting the weather in here. Singapore is located in the north of Indonesia, close with Sumatera Island. Sumatera include in the list of the most populous country, even the population doesn't much as Indonesian, but if we divide it with the area of the country, Singapore is the most crowded country in the world, but Singapore is very clean. You can not find any plastic garbage along the streets. You also treated by the hedonic view along the Orchard Road.

I went to Singapore with my mom about 5 days. We were traveling a lot and going anywhere we want. We didn't just go to the mall, but I explore another area like "Little India" or "China Town." Singapore really really made it like a real India or China. It feels like we are in the whole world in the same place and in the same time. I'm so stunned and amazed by Singapore's city regulator. They can utilize their land to the maximum. I also went to Universal Studio Singapore, I am not so interest about something that's endanger my life. I would like to choose, seeing from below than have to ride the vehicle.

Look of that day:

M&S sunglasses-pants
fossil bag
H&M wedges

Looks of that day:
zara top
H&M skirt-shoes
fossil bag
M&S sunglasses