Saturday, August 17, 2013

Greetings From Jakarta

photograph by Abi Anindito
It's quite difficult to find a place with fresh air in a big city, especially Jakarta. Yes, where do I live, but I found green grass with cobblestone streets in some area. I love Jakarta, no matter what, even it's crowded or congestion everywhere. But I believe our new governor could bring us into a new Jakarta, a better one of course. Jakarta is a capital region of Indonesia. Everybody from island to island, east to west, speculate their carriers in here. Peoples from different culture, different race, language are being together in this province, makes this town is so populous. City with hundreds mall, hundreds entertain, etc.

However, sometimes modern lifestyle brings us to global warming. Hundreds constructions are built, lack of reforestations, etc. We have to put our attention to environment more if we want to apply healthy life. We have to remember that we still have next generations. I would like to spend my time there just to find another inspirations with some "violet" things. My photographer said that I look like mother minister, am I?

Looks of the day:
unbranded dress
unbranded scraf
fossil bag
missel heels