Friday, November 8, 2013

Face-Self Portrait

photograph by Fary Hendrayana
A little experiment A few days ago, I said that I will make somethings together with one of great great photographers, named Fary Hendrayana. He is a college student in University of Indonesia and built his own business. He also has a lots of motivating quotes and positive thiking. You can go and click this site to see his work. I interested to work together with him because, if you notice his photograph, the models always look happy and cheering and laughing, and it proofs that he has a nice personality and work heartily. It's not difficult to built a good relationship and comunication with him. Oh yaa, and you can also take a look his facebook, go and click Yesterday I went to his studio at Hang Tuah Raya street, Jakarta to see the other photoshoot and.....this is just a little bit introduction for our next project. Ready for the surprise? YAY :D