Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sweet Jumpsuit

pictures by Fary Hendrayana
LATE POST FROM OCTOBER I'm really sorry for disappearing a long long time. I almost forgot that I still have a lots of pictures from Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. This month was really a busy month because in the beginning of December I had a final examinations full a week, so a week before the final exam I have to prepare it! Study hard, get additions, completing all of the tasks and many more aaand it takes a loong time! So I decided to pause this posting for a while. One of the graduation requirements is making a paper. Then I made a paper talked about How Fashion Could Influence Teen Girls to be Consumptive. Yah kind like that. The progress making that paper takes... around 6 month. Because I had to distributing the questionnaires to 81 teen girls in my high school, and it's really useful for me because I can understand how markets are going, what consumer wants, why the local product still beaten by import products, etc. This is really good because fashion business is getting tough and tough. However, we still got the spirit!

This pictures took at day-4 of fashion week and I went there with kak Fary/kak Hendra, I still confuse, am I have to write Fary of Hendra? hehhe I call him Fary usually, but he asks me to call him Hendra because he love that nickname so much, and I also went there with my supeer loyal best beesst friend, Nabilla Nazihandari and she would be a singer! I'm proud of her :D and in the day-4 I met a lot of people and that day was being a looong tired day, in the morning I went to school after that I asked for permission and left the school and went to fashion week after that meeting and back and forth from Plaza Senayan to Senayan City and Plaza Senayan again and it was tired but it was fun! Take a look of these pictures!

Outfit of that day:
I bought the jumpsuit at Fashion Ex-Change, EX-Plaza Indonesia
heels by Zara