Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013

THE LAST DAY OF 2013 This year has been a really really great year for me. I got a lot of opportunities and chances to expand and explore more about my dreams. I began this blog in 2012 but it doesn't work well until I decided to pause this blog for a while. As time flows, I start to think about, what I want for my life, what can I do to make my life better, what can I do for my future, am I just sit here quietly, sit in front of the whiteboard, write down what my teachers said, wearing uniform, go home, do some homework, graduate, then... many other my boring routine. I want to make some changing in my life, like something I didn't before. Do what my parents said, hftt it's so frustrating. Until one day, in February 2013 I tried to get a invitations for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, watched a real fashion show. Walking in the corridor special for invitation is so greaaat! I still remember how it feels when I took a first step at fashion tent. The stage was so huge, the beat for the music echoed in the chest. Then I am really sure that, I want to be a fashion designer. One day, my parents and my best-friends will sit in the first row watching my collections to be shown. Amen. :)

After Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, I met my favorite Indonesian designer, Anne Avantie, and I got a chance to speak some word to her, talking about my future plans, and she gave me some advises, took some pics, gave me her book with her signature and she wrote down a motivating word in there, "Learn could be anywhere, not only at school, so keep going!" And she gives me a chance to learn from her one day if I already graduate from high school. Such a big pleasure. After that big moment, I took a trial class at Istituto di Moda Burgo, it's a Italian Fashion School, I learn more about the steps making a fashion sketch. Met a lot of inspiring people, by the way BIG thanks to my friend, Fiona Saldy because she told me about that school when she went to Italy :) after a lot of experience I had, I decided to start my blog again but this time, seriously, and consistent. Try to make this blog better, with a good contents, great quality of pictures and photography, try to show my personality through what I wear, and many more. 2013 is the year when I began this thing seriously, 2013 give me a lot of chance, then I hope 2014 would be better and shine bright than ever. Sayonara 2013!! LOVE:D

Thank you Allah because this year has been so great, thank you because I feel so blessed, thank you for everything I have right now, no matter is it good or bad or imperfect, but I'm sure that's the best for me. Thank you Mom for always be there for me, thank you Pap for always care about me, thank you best-friends for always be truth with me and accepting for who I am. I wish you all the best in the future, I want you all to be successful. See you in 2014 with a better life and spirit!

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and Mama for always supporting me and accompany me everywhere I go. :)