Monday, December 16, 2013

Roar is Coming to Town!

pictures by Fary Hendrayana

BEST-FRIEND'S SWEATER I know Jakarta will not snowing, or even getting colder than ever, or going to be like any four-seasons country. But i's okay right to try something with sweater? I guess you all already recognize this sweater before... Yes! This is my best-friend's sweater, Nabilla. She wore this sweater when we went to Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. If you forgot, you can check and click "What We Were Doing at..." post. She bought this sweater in bershka..I think, I almost forgot. She bought it when she felt not really confident enough with her outfit that day, when I told her, "You're already chic enough, calm down you're pretty!" aaa but she still did that. Shopping. :) After looking around for a long time, at last we found the perfect two sweater, both are crop top, but this is better and you have to know!! Le faux feather of this sweater is reallyyyy soooffttt, I can not stop touching that thing that really really good thing off my hand, and we both agreed to bought that one. Then, I felt in love. With. That. Okay I love you, sweater :)

As you guys know that holiday is already in front of your eyes!! Having three weeks-off is really amazing, you can jump here and jump there, anytime without worrying about le stressful tasks! Hahaha I'm just kidding, no I didn't suggest you to do cartwheel or something like that ahaha you can utilize your time maximally, you can do what you like, or even your passion maybe? Like me, I don't have a lot of time when the school's begin, I mean for my non-academic passion, because it takes a lot of time.. Naaa you can do whatever you want as long as it positive and useful for your life! For the other reason why I love this holiday so much is SALE EVERYWHERE EVERYONE!! Woohoo, this is heaven for us (for those who loves shopping exactly!) but don't forget to check your savings okaay? It is very true very very true about the quotes "The Word 'Sale' is to women, what 'Porn' is to Men." Do you agree with me? :D

Look of that day:
bershka sweater
bershka denim
local designer-neflin fadlan heels

I haven't show you yet of kak fary's face. He brought his friends too and I am super glad to know them:) Such a great experience! Here they are the art creator!!

from left to right: Kak Kevin, Kak Fary, Kak Satrio, Kak Andre
from left to right: Kak Andre, Kak Satrio, Kak Kevin
Those pictures originally and captured by Fary Hendrayana. If you want to shoot with him, go and click or his facebook or contact him via 
line: faryhendrayana

Thank you :) love.