Sunday, September 1, 2013

Common People Chapter 1

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono

Ethnic theme for 2013 is the brand new beginning for today shoot. My brother, the one who took photos today is home! He studies in Bandung, (Bandung in one of the biggest city in Indonesia) arrived home yesterday. It's such a great opportunity to met him. Now, he is a freelance runner in my cousin's wedding organize as a photographer. He is very good in photograph and I asked him to shoot me because I need a photographer. It's difficult you know, find a photographer who clicks on you, but now he is on the process to learning about human interest photography and I hope he grows fast.

Today photoshoot take a location in Common People, Kemang with my mom also. Common People Eatery & Bar sells west and east food. The interior is so stunning, I could spend hours in there and the service is so nice. It location in Plaza Bisnis Building, Kemang Raya Street num.2. Because my big bro will leaves  Jakarta soon, I took two looks at once today. The photos of the interior will be post tomorrow and also my another looks.

Looks of the day:
Misel heels
C&A sunglasses
unbranded bag

I just have fun in editing the pictures haha then it gives me great pics and I would like share it to you guys :) I used eyecam application on the application store for iOS. I'm not so often used that application to editing my pic because it produce a pic with small size so I don't so like it. I used adobe photoshop CS2 to editing my pics.