Saturday, December 28, 2013

After School Hours

pictures by Bisma Syahputra

4 DAYS BEFORE NEW YEAR I took a short term class in the holiday, this is my first time I go to school when holiday routinely. I do this because I think this is crucial ahead of the National Examinations. We learn Indonesian, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. After a half day in school, I go to one of the shopping center in Jakarta and take some pics. My friend Bisma help me doing this thing as a photographer, he is really kind and the funny part is when I did my makeup he always asked me, "what is that?" "how you do that?" he seems really interested with this while other people didn't say anything or comment.. I think wearing make up doesn't mean you're fake or you're trying to hiding your imperfections. Nobody's perfect, we just make it better as long as we know when we should wear make up in the right place and the right time. Anyway when you have already grown up, your metabolism not as good as young people then you need make up to make your face more fresh and seems more health! Why you give people 70% while you can make it 100%?

Can't wait for the new year eve! New Year is always been a great day great time for me! This city will be countdown together to the brand new year, the sound of the trumpet sounded everywhere in this town, everybody seems really happy, sparkling light everywhere decorate public places. The city government will held a party, we called it, "pesta rakyat". New Year is always fun because in the next day is my birthday! Who doesn't like birthday? We got a lot of greetings from our best-friends until our old friend that never been talked to us for a long time! It's great to keep your relationship in touch, and we also got a cake, and our family is get together warmly in the living room in front of TV, or maybe having a dinner together completely... Such a good little thing... And for the bonus is..presents! A great present is something (that is didn't have to expensive at all!) meaningful to us. Maybe something that we really really want for that time but there's is no time to buy it. Yeah like that... Happy holiday! :D

Look of the day:
Forever 21 sweater
Bershka denim
Zara heels
Rings: (from left to right) H&M, (X) S. M. L, H&M, (X) S.M.L., H&M