Saturday, December 14, 2013

Unopened Road

pictures by Fary Hendrayana

SEE THE SURPRISE THAT WE HAVE MADE? Taking pictures in the middle of the road is insane! But that isn't insane if we did it in the unopened road like here! The government of Jakarta is doing their flyover project from years years yearsss ago, this flyover is almost finish but, it doesn't open yet, so we utilize it to be a place for photoshoot. This place is quiet and windy. I will tell you a secret, because I still study in high school, it's quite difficult for me to take a lot of looks constantly, but...since christmas-new year holiday is begin, I will try to looking for activities during holidays, like this... 

Usually I bring some looks in one day, so I don't have to back and forth to make a new post. Changing clothes inside car is also challenging and also sweat haha. But after I opened the door, aaaa it was soo relieve and cool, prevailing winds while wearing maxi dress with the material like this is so perfect with the weather in Jakarta. For the country that has four season could use maxi dress that has a warmer material.

I bet you guyss is already preparing for the christmas, decorating a christmas tree with your big family in the living room and sitting in front of the fireplace (for those who have a fireplace.) It must beee really fun! I hope you guys having a great great holidays with your friends or family.

Look of the day:
C&A sunglasses
local brand necklace
H&M belt
uniqlo maxi dress
dorothy perkins clutch bag
forgot the denim and heels haha :)

these pictures captured by Fary Hedrayana. If you want to shoot with him, go and click or his facebook or contact him via 
line: faryhendrayana