Friday, December 20, 2013

Postcard from Jakarta

pictures by Andreansyah D. W. P. G.

PLAYING WITH TABLETOPIA I know it's a little bit childish when I try to play with tabletopia. Tabletopia is like a palette for drawing devoted for PC or laptop, so you can draw easily like you're drawing in the piece of paper with pencil, but not as easy as the reality..or maybe I'm not quite used to that thing hehehe :) I recomended for you guys who loves drawing to buy this and try this at your home, not my home.. Actually I have a question if one of you can help me.. I don't know how to make the portrait picture have a same width with the length of the landscape picture :( It feels very messy and I don't really like it but I don't know how to fix it. By the way I haven't do a photoshoot yet, so I don't have some new pictures for two days later, but I'm going to post like my christmas wish list or the newest news from designer. By the way the final episode of America's Next Top Model was in Bali, and I'm so proud for Tex Saverio and Luwi Saluadji. Tex Saverio is really famous with his brilliant design, and his creation had been wore by Lady Gaga for the magazine photoshot! Isn't great? And also I found many times of his "haute-couture" on the top magazine like Elle and Vogue! Once I met him in Ak'sa'ra (one of the bookstore in Jakarta), he is not really to tall, his hair is sooo black, he wore like a black jacket with black pants, and the point is-all-black! He was not show at all, like "here I am le Tex Saverio the greatest designer!"(ignore me if I'd like to say 'le' because I think it's really funny when you say it hahaha) whereas his designs are INSANELY AWESOME! He is too down to earth, j'adore!

What the most thing I love from that photo? I love it so much because it shows two difference sides of Jakarta. You can see a lot of buildings, and your eyes has been spoiled by the luxury of the shopping center. Left Chanel right balenciaga, aahh it's like a heaven on earth until the bill is coming! haha truth! But if you take a look deeper, you will find the place like under the bridge, people live and grow there with minimal electrical, but what I confuse is... where those people get the electricity if the goverment didn't gave it for those people? If the government gave that legal? It's just an opinion and you guys can have other different opinions with me it's okaay :) Keep thinking!

edited by me