Friday, December 13, 2013

What We Were Doing at...

Pictures by Fary Hendrayana
We had been through all day long It was okay for us even we were late for the fashion show but we passed the time by chatting around in the fashion tent, from one place to another place, met a lot of unique and artistic people. It felt like in the heaven, surrounded by people who never get ashamed to expressing their self by their clothes, wearing boots with coats and leather jacket with the chain and guys with their braid hair, girls with their colorful hair, tight beads skirt, long dress, red lips, even twiggy make up! Everytime I visit event like art exhibitions, I realized that the quote "Earth without Art is Eh.." is soo damn true!

That was really an awesome day! I back and forth from the fashion tent to Senayan City, get some food to eat and chit chat with kak Fary and Nabilla. I brought two shoes for anticipation if my feet got hurt because of the heels. Yaa I am pretty sure, most of you girls really understand that feeling! Ah so I was ready with one bag that contains my flat shoes so I could go around the places with not-sick-feet and happy :D oh yaa I also remember when I went to Senayan City I saw some of people took photos with tongsis(tongkat narsis in Indonesia that means narcissistic stick) the long of the stick is around 1 meter so you could put your camera at the end of the stick, set the time, anddd you can took pictures with a loooot of people without any of you being the victim. Hahahaha just kidding. Yap! These are some pictures from thaat looonggg day!

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