Saturday, September 28, 2013

L'Arabian Rouge

photograph by Raihan Skalski
Arabian Night A few weeks ago, one of my best-friends was celebrate her 18th birthday party and she took "Arabian Night" for the theme, especially the dress code. Her name is Nabilla Nazihandari and she is so kind and friendly, I bet you're going to love her at the first time you greet her. Because the theme is so hard, I spent 4 hours more to looked around the mall to find a perfect outfit to go to her party. Initially, I want to take batik but I couldn't find the perfect batik that match with the theme. But, when I went to Zara, finally I found it! It's perfect and match with the theme, so I bought it. :D But you know sometimes people have to think twice I buy something. This is happen to me, like always. The income is not enough to buy this buy that. This is very consumptive but come on! You know it so well how it feels :"D This is not really good for my savings so after this I am not going to 2 weeks.

Before that, I want to tell you all, it's been a busy week, because Monday I will have a Mid Semester Examinations. So that is the reason why I'm not posting for...daySdaySdayS (very long time) ago. It will takes a-full-week and takes a lots of time to learn some subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. There are a lots of differences education system in Indonesia with the other countries, and a lots of us (students in here) complain about it -_- haha so wish me luck for the mid semester examinations! :) 

Look of the day:
Zara pants
Zara heels
C&A sunglasses