Sunday, September 1, 2013

Common People Chapter 2

photograph by Yehan Sade Djoehartono
As I promised yesterday I am going to post my other photos. I wore my mom's blazer, I like the color and the pattern. Thank you to my mom for letting me borrow hers. But the size is too big to me so I didn't really wore it, and about the skirt, I bought it when I was in middle school. My middle school is located in Tebet, South Jakarta. The location of my middle school is very strategic because it's near with fashion stores, mini cinema, salon and spa, etc.

Actually I don't know what to say anymore-_- yeah because there is nothing too crucial to talked. Tomorrow I'm going to have a biology exam, oh my God I haven't study it yet. So let me finish this post then I'm going to study. About the Common People's interior it's going be posted tomorrow, okay? Wish me luck for tomorrow, yeay!

Looks of the day:
my mom's blazer
unbranded top
jewel rocks accessories
zara heels